Saturday, July 20, 2019


 Berry came to us last August.  His owner had him for two years and was moving out of the country. 
 We quickly looked for a foster home and Lisa volunteered. 
 He was about 13, and had a mild heart murmur, and no vision-- but we could give him a safe place. 
 Little did we know that a young girl would absolutely fall in love with him.
 Her mom applied for him, and I did the home check.  I loved the home!! 
 Berry went there and we hope it would be for a long time. 
 His girl took such good care of him.
 He slept in her bed.
 She cuddled him often.
 He had lots of kisses.
 He did so much with his girl.  ❤️
 She even held him when she was on her phone.
 She dressed him up for Christmas.
 The love that was there was incredible.
 How close could a Peke and a girl be?  Incredibly close.
 He was absolutely cherished.  Today, Berry decided to leave on his own.  He just chose his own time, and left, taking months of love with him.
Berry didn't have enough time with his girl and her family.  She spent the day holding his blanket, missing him.   The time he had with them was so special, so amazing, and so full.  Run free
now, sweet little man.  Your girl will miss you so much.   💙


Unknown said...

He had the best love the last 2 years. Memories to cherish

Lost Earring said...

I feel so bad when I see that one of the rescues who finally had a forever home passes away and this one is no exception.

So much love between them and now a broken heart left behind. But what love she gave the little one and it will stay with her for a very long time and may even make a rescuer out her because she surely showed the makings of one.

LadyJicky said...

Yum Yum and I are sending huge hugs to all little Berry's family ..... especially Berry's Best Girlfriend. XXX

Berry had a wonderful life and you can just see it in ALL those fabulous photographs.

Angela said...

Aawww, bless her heart 💜 😥. She really loved her baby so much ... I hope in time she is ready to rescue another peke and give them just as much love!