Tuesday, March 31, 2020


It's the last day of March.  How did that happen?   On to April and hopefully, things will get better, but we all know that this may take a while for "social distancing" to be unneeded.   None of us have experienced this, but we will walk through it day by day.  Keep up your HAPPY stories on facebook.  They keep us going.💜
In this time, we can still be HAPPY!   Just like Happy, our PVPC alumni. 
Happy loves his girl. 
Happy may look like he's seeing you, but he is blind.  His eyes look good because his family takes such good care of him.
His family has adopted three blind Pekes from us-- Berry (RIP), Happy and Stewart.
On cooler days, he loves to snuggle.
Or just "look around" at what is going on.
If you are having a bad day, just be HAPPY, like Happy.  There are so many things to be thankful for-- start a list.   We have so much more than we don't have.   #grateful  

Monday, March 30, 2020


“Precious Blind Pekingese Lives Here” (Sophie)
"My Pekes can chase a bear up a tree -- you shouldn't be a problem"
"Stay Away, Enter at your own risk.  Pekes present-- they are man eaters!"  (Clara)
 "Pekes Peeking BEWARE"
Max says, "A Handsome Pekingese prince lives here."
Annwyn Long- "Peke in charge.  Much love inside."
Bella and Simon:  "Beware of being overwhelmed by cuteness."
"Beware of Lions!!"
"Beware!  Entering Property, you will be Peked at!" (My friend does Boston Rescue.  They're not Pekes, but you get the picture!) 😃
"A blond bombshell lives here!"
 "Beware of one eye Yeti!"
"Do not touch the Emperors!"
"Laziest bad dog ever. He would attack, but that would take too much effort."
 "Bad dogs live here."  LOL
There are more-- get ready!  Did they make you smile?  I hope so! 😉

Sunday, March 29, 2020


 On a Sunday, we can relax.  We can take a walk with our dogs.  My granddogs-- can you tell which one is obedient?  LOL   Gigi is so trained, but Granger would take off in a heartbeat-- to explore! ha!
 You can read on the porch.   Granger, you do have to have the book where you can see it.
 You can study.  Boring.   Granger is studying to be a therapy dog-- I don't think he's serious about it.
 He offered to do laundry, but he's just taking up room in the basket.
Or you can use Sunday to actually rest.  You know.  Not do a lot.  Sit outside, read a book, watch a movie.   Breathe!   HAPPY SUNDAY!

Saturday, March 28, 2020


 Mitsy says it’s Saturday.  Every day seems to be Saturday.
 I’m sitting in my porch.  Listening to the water trickle in our tiny stream.
 Clara took her morning outing.
 All our days may seem alike.   We can’t go out.  Can’t go places. Can’t get a haircut or go shopping. It’s life right now but we will be okay  
Enjoy the life we have now.  Be like Beach Bit and embrace the day!!

Friday, March 27, 2020


(This is a serious time, but we can try to find humor in each day.)
Yum Yum heard there was social distancing going on. 
He has no problem with this. 
He LOVES having a roof over his head, and he loves his open kennel. 
He even managed to get under this small cart-- that was a feat, Yum Yum is a big boy!
Yes, you are!
So, being by himself at times is fine with him.  Sometimes, he just "wants to be alone."  :-)   That's okay, Yum Yum.   So do I!

Thursday, March 26, 2020


This is a tough time for many.   I hope the blogs make you smile.  
 I'll do two blogs on because you responded with so many great pictures. 
 Gracie and Mattie have this sign on their door.   I should have that sign! 
 Here they are!
 Tammy's pup isn't pleased.  🤣
 Kathy's sign would be, "I prefer dogs over people."
 Here's a sign/mat we can all understand.
 Jasmine, Jade and Saki say....
 🌝  It's true!
 "Ignore the big doofus one.  Watch out for the little one."  Raine and Dood. :-)
 Wu:  "This is the president CEO of the Pekingese Security Company.  Don't mess with me. "
 "We are in charge."
 Lisa's dog says....
 Alisa's group has this sign!
Pudgie, Snuffles and Schmoo know they are watching over the house.
 Bernie says, "Adopt a senior!"  We love our seniors!
Kathy says "I prefer dogs over people."
Willow wants to rangle horses." Oh, my! 
More signs tomorrow!!   STAY SAFE.