Saturday, March 31, 2012


Beach Bit loves animals- how could he avoid it!? He is surrounded by them at my house and at home. Here he is with his buddy, Leo, a rescued Lab. Leo was saved within hours of being euthanized. Black dogs and cats at the last to be adopted from shelters and often put down simply because of their color. Leo is excellent with Beach Bit, playing, guarding, and letting Beach Bit do whatever he wants. They are a pair.Gizmo came to visit. Beach Bit, Gizmo and Blond Bit (Toni's great granddaughter) were quite a group.Gizmo was incredible with the kids. Blond Bit was all set for sunny days with her sunglasses. Beach Bit leaned down to give a "gentle" to Gizmo. It's his way of giving love and hugs. Much safer than hugging around the neck. :-)Gizmo has a home pending-- he'll go there in April. He is a great dog!! (His brother, Bear, is still available. Bear has a few idiosyncracies that are being worked on. He just needs time to adjust.)
"Animal lovers are a special breed of humans, generous of spirit, full of
empathy, perhaps a little prone to sentimentality, and with hearts as big as a cloudless sky" -John Grogan

Friday, March 30, 2012


I was in Home Depot today-- and I saw YARDSTICKS!! I know they are for measuring things, but of course, you know I use them for cleaning under applianes, pulling out dog hair. I bought one since Beach Bit broke my other one. I was so excited-- and then I left it in my daughter's car. She lives near Charlottesville. Guess I'll go buy another one. :-) It was a great day-- time with all the Bits and lunch with Jeanne.


Yoshi was turned into a shelter by her owner. We were told she was 8 years old, but she doesn't seem to be that old. We would guess 6.We also have Yoshi, a male Japanese Chin. He came in with Millie after their owner died. He looks scared in this picture, but....He is really a snuggle-bug! He loves to give kisses.(And why did it post this picture twice? It's a mystery.)Yoshi has had nasal fold (the fold by the nose, below the eye) surgery and is doing great. Yoshi is completely vetted (she had no care before we got her) and she's ready for a new home. She is housetrained, under 13 pounds and very sweet. She gets along with other dogs and loves people. If you are interested in adopting her, please email

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Millie needs eye surgery. She had an accident and her eye was closed up to see if it would heal.At her recheck, by an opthalmologist, it was determined that the eye needed to be removed. If you can help us with the cost, please go to our chip in at:
We know she'll be just fine after the surgery and will have a wonderful life.


This little boy came to us from a shelter. His owner died and he was found running the streets of a big city.He is less than a year old and all puppy!He went to Paige's to be fostered and had to have a haircut to get all the mats out. He did great with the groomer.He is good with other dogs, but can play a little rough. He just needs training. He is a sweet boy and will be a beautiful Peke when his hair grows back. Cam was adopted, so don't send in applications for him. :-) We're so glad he is in his forever home!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


PVPC has a few playpens to sell. This one is 6 sided and very sturdy. I was able to buy them at a discount-- they are normally $400.00 each. They are made by Kettler. We are asking $125.00 each. I have two of this size. I use them for my foster dogs and my grandchildren. They are great! I have three of them myself. They have been GREAT when I have multiple grandchildren or multiple foster dogs. :-)I have one that is a little higher than this one-- it is four sided and square. It also can fold in by unhooking the sides and taking out the bottom. If you are interested in any of these, please let me know. or If you are interested, I can bring them to the PVPC picnic April 28 in N.Virginia.


Dinah's foster mom had an appointment near me and she brought Dinah over to visit. She checked out a toy in the hallway.She checked out the yard and I think she approved. She came up to me to be petted and was so friendly.Can I come back into the house? Of course you can.Time for a shake-- I love the action her ears are making.Dinah came into rescue as an owner turn in. She is very sweet and kept coming up to me. She just turned eleven, but is in great health and would love her very own home.My dogs were very interested in her and came to the door to say good-bye. Come visit again!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Carter is checking out the warm spring weather at Jeanne's. His mom is starting to get her back yard all ready for spring and the garden tours that occur there each year. Latte will help until he goes to his new home in early April. I'm sure he can supervise anything she plans. I think she'll have a LOT of supervision. I just hope they don't get in her way. They have a very good view from the steps.DiDi, Hannah Joe and Jill Lee are very interested. Are you awake DiDi? She might need your opinion on what to plant.Brandon (who has been adopted) and Latte are just vegging out. I don't think they'll be much help. Can you at least dig a hole for her to put a plant in?Here are Latte, Carter, and DiDi are resting in the sun. These steps are sure a favorite spot.Sassy Marie won't be left behind. I'm sure she'll be helping, too. I can't wait to see the garden this year-- it's always so much fun to see what Jeanne does. The flowers, the water features, the little sculptures are all so much fun to see. You know I'll do a blog on it when I do!

Monday, March 26, 2012


This is not a Pekingese. :-) My daughter called me while I was at church this morning. Since my phone was on silent, I didn't know it until an hour later. She had found this dog laying by the side of the road in a gutter. She had a shaved area on her neck with a burn on it. We thought she was hit by a car.We called a name on Craigslist (thanks Jeanne for looking that up) that had lost their Shepherd. They came right over-- but it wasn't their dog. (But, my husband had been driving around trying to find the owner and saw another dog-- he was able to take the people to the area where he saw this one and they were able to find their dog!! Two saves in one day.)We called animal control (I didn't want to take her there if I could keep her safe for a few days) and the owner had called. Sydney was the dog's name and she had been rescued in the last week. She had been a breeder dog for 6 years and had just been saved. We had a big storm last night and she got out of the house somehow. She is now home and safe. She will learn house manners and will soon know she is loved and has a forever home. The burn mark on her neck was from a shock collar the breeders kept on her. So sad, but now she won't have to live that life again. So, even though she isn't a Pekingese, I had to put her on the blog. Last week, my other daughter found a dog, and kept it until the owner was found-- her daughter, Bitty Bit, asked if they could rescue dogs. Her mom said if they showed up at the farm, they could. I guess rescue runs in the family. ;-)

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Amelia and Paddy are enjoying the day together-- I see those TV controls on the table. I bet they know how to use them also. Animal Planet? Dog shows? They look very content together!


Dollar is one of our adopted Pekes. He is just full of energy and joy.Give him a ball-- any size-- and he'll have a blast with it.He can jump and chase and run.Is he playing soccer now? Get that ball, Dollar!Oh wait, I think the ball is chasing him now.Take that!Up he goes. I bet he was tired out that evening and slept well!