Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Dinah's foster mom had an appointment near me and she brought Dinah over to visit. She checked out a toy in the hallway.She checked out the yard and I think she approved. She came up to me to be petted and was so friendly.Can I come back into the house? Of course you can.Time for a shake-- I love the action her ears are making.Dinah came into rescue as an owner turn in. She is very sweet and kept coming up to me. She just turned eleven, but is in great health and would love her very own home.My dogs were very interested in her and came to the door to say good-bye. Come visit again!


lady jicky said...

Oh Linda - pop her on that plane to Oz (but ---- leave off that pilot that went Crazy on a flight to Los Vegas today ! LOL )

Dinah would fit in so well with my girls !

Doris Sturm said...

Dianh is precious and such a pretty girl - I think the next time I adopt a Peke, I will ask what they eat and if they are picky eaters because I'm not having any luck finding what Weezie likes, unless it's Delmonico steak and I can't afford to feed her that all the time...she's a true meat eater - no fruits, no treats (unless they're cheese or meat) and barely any veggies unless they're mushed in and disguised in her meat...I'm thinking of biting the bullet and ordering from Darwins the B.A.R.F diet because she ate that...meat, meat, and more meat!

lady jicky said...

Doris ---- does she like meaty smelling dry food - the good makes like Royal Canin ???
That would streach that steak out a bit.
My coco has to have this $$ special diet tinned food but she can eat rice so I kind of bulk it out with that and the matching dry food for her special diet too.