Saturday, March 24, 2012


Kipper was rescued by our vet in Roanoke. He was brought in as a puppy with distemper and she kept him after she took care of him. The owners turned him over to her.He has a Cocker Spaniel buddy named Brumby. Brumby showed up at their farm fourteen years ago, and Roger said they couldn't NOT feed him. And he stayed. He is still a wild boy. He chewed up a large piece of concrete fountain in their backyard when he was younger.And he will still shred things if he is left unattended. This week, he ate the plastic handle off an umbrella while riding to work. (The dogs usually go to work with their mom and dad and hang out at the vet in the offices.) He is deaf now and still loves to go for swims. Kipper is a Chikingese. :-) He is a ham and loves to pose for pictures just like Dollar (who will be on tomorrow's blog). This is the last set of St. Patrick's Day pictures-- I had to put them all on to share. They are just too cute! Thanks Lucinda and Roger!

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lady jicky said...

Oh those black velvet Pekes! they get me all the time.

As for Mr Brumby -- we have a chain of bread shops here in Australia called "Brumby's" --- I think your Brumby would love to chew on some of the bread and buns they produce :)