Sunday, March 31, 2019


Can you believe it's the last day of March!?  Where did the month go!!?   He was gone in a flash!
 Paddington should be dancing a jig-- or some Chinese dance-- because this week, he gets to take off his cone!!   He has his recheck on Monday and hope she says, "Take it off!"  LOL
Minnie, on the other hand, is just content to lay in her bed, follow me around some, be carried in and out as the princess she is and live life on her own terms.  She still has PTSD issues, but we are managing them.  I wish she could tell me what happened, but we will never know.  She is loved and safe here.  They both say HAPPY SUNDAY!

Saturday, March 30, 2019


 Daytona was Lisa's beloved Peke.  She called him her "forever puppy" and she had him since he was a puppy. 
She said, "He loved food. Mac and cheese, my homemade spaghetti sauce, pizza bones. He knew the difference from my homemade sauce and jarred sauce. Wouldn't touch stuff from the jar. You could see the disappointment in his face when he sniffed jarred sauce. I only made my homemade stuff for years so he could have his portion too."
 Like most Pekes, he had funny sleeping positions. 
 He loved everyone.  Adults, kids.. ❤️
 Daytona's best friend was Rocky-- they were together for ten years. 
 Daytona lost one eye when he was seven, and then when he was 14, his other eye was removed.  But, he still knew how to find his mom, who was his safe place. 
 Daytona loved to give his opinion, and he could bark up a storm.   He went everywhere with Lisa-- he loved trips to see family.   He was happy on walks, even when he could no longer see. 
 Daytona was just two weeks shy of his 16th birthday-- a part of Lisa's family for a long time. 
Here he was at the picnic a few years ago.    Daytona had a stroke this week, and could not recover from it.  It was time to say good bye to his mom and brother.   But, saying good bye to him was so hard for Lisa-- he was her life for so long.   He can see now and is running with all the others, like his sister, Princess, at the Rainbow Bridge.   Run free, little man-- it will be hard for your mom to go on without you.  💙


 Camp Runamuck is a very busy place.  Paddington can attest to that!
 There are dogs all over-- toys all over, too.
 Piper and Paddington (before his surgery) adore each other.
 Max is an old gentleman so he pretty much ignores them all, and just rests.
 The "twins" love the ottoman so they can survey the squirrels. 
 We go outside a lot-- Paddington and Piper love to go down by the small creek and watch for ducks.   They visit a lot since the ducks are back there a lot now.
 We don't just play here-- we bathe here!  LOL 
 Yesterday was bath day-- so we had lots of wet towels.  It was so nice outside that they could go to the porch and shake off the water.  Of course, they were all blown dry.   Minnie, with her PTSD is  like blowing a squirrel dry.  She moves and yells-- I'm sure the neighbors think there's a crime happening.  I have to do her in stages.  Poor girl.
 Then, it's back to street watching out the front.  Yesterday was trash day-- so of course, they had to get ready to yell at them.
 "Are they coming?!  We're ready!"  (This is Piper's favorite spot.)
 Back outside, it was playtime with the Bits.
 Cardboard boxes make great houses--for Bits and Poppy (my husband) and dogs!
 Each day has lots to do-- eye drops, special meds.   Taking care of post-surgery dogs.  And housetraining-- yep, I'm housetraining Piper and Paddington.  They are improving.
 I think Minnie forgave me for her bath.  She is so sweet, but things can set her off. 
It's a normal day at Camp Runamuck.   Bits, Dogs, and of course, toys.   We are never bored here!

Friday, March 29, 2019


 Sunny came into rescue two years ago.   He is a beautiful Peke.  Like Paddington, he had big eye folds-- they are adorable looking, but can cause eye issues like scarring and pigmentation.   So, he had nasal fold surgery to remove them, and he had a dental. 
 Before the surgery, he was checking out strawberries-- yum!   No cone yet, but...
 Then, he had to wear the hated e-collar/cone for two weeks.  Oh, no!
 He recovered well, and he went to the picnic where he met his new family.  They had an approved application and were Peke lovers.   Off he went to his new home.
 Summer came and he got a puppy cut.
 He had a new brother, Chip-- does Chip know how to drive!? 
 Small Fry was also his new brother.  They used to live in Hawaii, so he had on his Hawaiian shirt.
 I love Chip's outfit. 
 They all became friends and Sunny (formerly Mugsy) became an important member of the family.
 He is so happy there!
 His mom found out that he knew how to sit up.
 Soon, Chip was doing it, too.  😊
There's nothing better than a rescue dog who finds a wonderful home!! 

Thursday, March 28, 2019


 Oscar came into rescue in July 2015.   We were told he was five, but we realized he was older.
 He went to Genise's for fostering and never left.  Young or old, he was staying.
 He fit right in.
Oscar was diagnosed with cancer but he kept on going.   I just did a blog on him less than two weeks ago:  Must Love Pekes: LITTLE OSCAR
As long as he was feeling okay, he wasn't going anywhere.
But, his mom knew this week, that his time was done.  He wasn't doing well and it was time.
The hardest part of loving a dog is letting them go when it's time.   He was loved to the very last moment.  Run free, little man. 
You were greatly loved.


 Penny was one of the Bristol 18 dogs in 2010.   She was one of the last two we received. 
 She was one of the lucky ones, who was kept inside the home, and not so neglected.  She was matted and dirty, but that could be easily fixed. 
 She was adopted and her mom posts regular updates.  I love them!
 I've said Pekes should have jobs (LOL) and it looks like Penny helped with a conference call.  Good girl! 
 She loves her mom's grandkids and is one of the sweetest dogs.   It's amazing how dogs can overcome so much and be so loving.
 Lounging on the porch is a favorite activity.
 But, laying in the pachysandra is really fun! 
Pretty Penny is a beautiful girl who has had a wonderful life-- a long way from where she began.   I love rescue!