Friday, December 31, 2010

At the end of this year....2010

The last day of the year is the day I list all the dogs/pets we lost this year. I don't want to make every one sad, but I do want to honor those pets and their families and the love they shared. Many died too young, but most lived a long life and most were rescues who were saved and were able to be loved and cared for. Thank you to all who shared their pictures with me. I did not have pictures of Chloe, Sissy, Peyton, or Irish setter Rory (Dian's dog, our club treasurer, but I met him at one of our picnics and he was a beauty). Here are ones I want to share with all of you and I know each one blessed their family's life.
Kallos/Kallie Girl, my daughter's Chocolate lab, will be in our hearts forever. She was a sweet dog who loved and was loved by her family. I miss you, too, Kallie. You were always nudging my hand to give you pets and hugs.
Buddy Dat, Essie's cat, lived a wonderful life with her. He was Missy Anne's friend.
Missie Anne died on Dec. 21. She was Essie and Kevin's sweet girl--
Farewell to Wu-Ling.... He was one of our rescues who had a lot of health problems.
Tiffany and Mike's Spooky... what a sweet boy, very loving. I was able to meet him a few times. Mike and Tiffany foster for us.
Farewell to Shadow ...
Moonie with his Peke friend... this is Jessie's mom's dog and he is misssed so much.
Meng tzu, Shadow's best friend, adopted at the same time. (not the Shadow listed above)
Katie, Jim and Tenah's precious girl. She was loved so much by them, after a hard life she had before. Thank you Jim and Tenah.
Katie, who lived in England, loved by her family so much.
Jilly, dearly missed by your family.
For Lynn's special Jack, best friend to Jill, his Peke friend.
Gaby's sweet Gia-- just not here long enough.
Marilyn's Elizabeth, sweet girl, loyal friend...
Sweet Cody... lived a long life full of love.
Paige and Danni's wonderful Casey, friend to all the Pekes there.
And his friend, Paige and Danni's beloved Chi-Chi. Tiny Chi-Chi was rescued from living outside in the winter. She was pampered the rest of her life.
Hadrian, Sally and David's beloved boy..
Cherry Blossom, Terry and John's sweet girl...
Bugsy, a pug friend...
Farewell Buddy Boy. You are missed so much.
Farewell Buddy-- you weren't with us long, but you were very loved while you were here.
Farewell, sweet Bogey. You mom and dad miss you so much. You were loved greatly and will always be their boy.
Farewell, Allie (on left). You were a sweet girl and your family loved you!
Sweet Kibbles. one of my foster dogs, lived a wonderful life in NC with Cherry, his new omom/wner. He had three wonderful years with her. He was almost 16 when he died.

And to end with a grateful heart-- we adopted the following to new homes this year!! If you think of any I missed, send them to me-- I'll add their names!
Carter, Colby, Hayden, Jingles, Katrina, Leo, Peppie, Poochie, Pete, Meme, Cindy, Sam, Chubs, Sabre, Cubbie, Cookie, Sammy, RubyPolly Pocket, Matilda, Nutmeg, Tinker, Bella, Ty-Ty, Tony, Snuggy, Stitch, Kaci, Carman, Chance, Chester, Chloe, Lucy, Lacy, Ju Ju, Katie, Heather, Hope, Janey, Lexie, CoCo/Chloe, CupCake, Douggy, Duchess, Gizmo, Amelia, Amy, Anna, Merit, Maxiumus, Missy, Oscar, BB, Bella, Pax, Bernie, Penny Anne, Boo Boo, Betty, Caleb, Sugar, Tappy, Zack. Thank you to all who had a part in saving or caring for each one of these.

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Colby was one of the Bristol 18-- one of two puppies we took into rescue. He and Carter were in critical condition-- but they are fine now. Both have been adopted.
Carter is an adventurous puppy! Here he is, contemplating what he can get into next.
And calmly taking a break from his antics and play.
He was a happy boy-- and always ready to play with Carter. Don't worry, in his new home, he has plenty of dogs and people to play with.
Here is one of them-- he is a real animal lover and it's obvious with Colby. Colby is VERY relaxed!
This is his new "sister"-- she is crazy about Colby for sure!
He was all wrapped up in a blanket, sound asleep once he was there. All that travel to his new home tired him out. I'm sure he recovered quickly though!
Don't worry about Carter-- he's doing great. Here he is with RB/Rose Bud, another one of the Bristol 18. RB is so sweet and still waiting for her forever home. Is it you? Here are some videos for you to enjoy.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


This is Lacy-- she was adopted from us last spring. I love the Christmas village behind her! Tell your mom to send me more pictures of that. It's really charming. :-) And you look so cute in front ot it.
You look cute here, too. I've heard how you can really hog the bed! You can stretch out in the middle and your mom and dad don't end up with a lot of room. I don't know how that is possible when you're so little.
You knew it was Christmas-- and you saw wrapped presents around. There's one on the chair behind you.
Is this one yours?
You got some snow, too, I see. I like your pink coat. I see Lafite back there-- come up for a better picture, Lafite!
Well, that's a little closer-- Lacy, you look adorable in your coat. I guess Lafite wouldn't wear one. Some of my dogs will let me dress them, but some just want to head out!
Oh, you're so cute-- all curled up in your bed. Or is this Lafite's bed and......
he's in yours! Lafite, pink beds are for girls. I know it's comfortable though. All my Pekes love the pink beds here!
This picture of Lafite has to be one of my favorite Peke pictures ever. His mom and dad were outside, lighting candles, and Lafite was watching. It's such a beautiful picture-- you see Christmas and Peke devotion, and beauty. Thank you for sharing this incredible picture with us. I love it!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


This is Cooper-- he was adopted several years ago-- he looks a lot like Dasher doesn't he! Jeanne sent this picture. I think Cooper and Dasher are both gorgeous.
Here is Sugar-- she came in with "the four"-- Sugar, Caleb, Katie and Ty-Ty. She was the first adopted and loves her new home. She lives with kids and Shark, her Peke buddy. (He was also adopted from PVPC.)
Here they are taking a nap. I think they were resting up for Christmas. They didn't know a big snow was coming.
Sugar loves her tennis ball. Those mini-tennis balls are a hit with most Pekes. Shark, you are a handsome boy!
Sugar had her first Christmas with her new family. She wasn't sure about the Christmas tree-- don't trees belong outside?
She went out when it first began to snow-- and later went out and started digging through the deeper snow. She knew there was a treasure out there. She found a tennis ball and brought it back into the house.
Here's their deck-- but Sugar is inside pushing her tennis balls under the china closet and then barking for someone to come retrieve it. That sounds very familiar!
Beth and David- Ju Li's foster parents-- took them all out for a walk. Here's Lilly and Wiley. I think Wiley is looking for home!
Ju Li and Missy are leaving lots of footprints in the snow.
And now they're all back in the kitchen, warm and dry. I think that's where most of us are staying right now-- inside!! It's a good place to be!