Wednesday, December 29, 2010


This is Lacy-- she was adopted from us last spring. I love the Christmas village behind her! Tell your mom to send me more pictures of that. It's really charming. :-) And you look so cute in front ot it.
You look cute here, too. I've heard how you can really hog the bed! You can stretch out in the middle and your mom and dad don't end up with a lot of room. I don't know how that is possible when you're so little.
You knew it was Christmas-- and you saw wrapped presents around. There's one on the chair behind you.
Is this one yours?
You got some snow, too, I see. I like your pink coat. I see Lafite back there-- come up for a better picture, Lafite!
Well, that's a little closer-- Lacy, you look adorable in your coat. I guess Lafite wouldn't wear one. Some of my dogs will let me dress them, but some just want to head out!
Oh, you're so cute-- all curled up in your bed. Or is this Lafite's bed and......
he's in yours! Lafite, pink beds are for girls. I know it's comfortable though. All my Pekes love the pink beds here!
This picture of Lafite has to be one of my favorite Peke pictures ever. His mom and dad were outside, lighting candles, and Lafite was watching. It's such a beautiful picture-- you see Christmas and Peke devotion, and beauty. Thank you for sharing this incredible picture with us. I love it!


Life* A Blog said...

OMG Lacy in the fourth pic looks so much like baby Lu! What adorable little pekes <3

lady jicky said...

all the photos are lovely but .... that last one is a "stand out"!!

I noted another PINK bed .

emilyp said...

That last picture of Lafite is just beautiful.
I love Lacy's sweater:)