Saturday, January 31, 2015


 Our group helped to get a Shih Tzu puppy out of a local shelter.   He was only 10 months old and terrified.  Small dogs don't tend to  do very well in shelters and "act out."    It can mean a death sentence.    
 Gizmo went to a friend's home and we found a rescue group for him.   Sometimes, rescue groups can work together, even when it's not their breed.   It helps to save a lot of them.
 Gizmo did so well  out of the shelter.   He is a puppy, so has energy and playfulness.    
 He is with a Richmond based rescue and is ready to be adopted.  
If you are interested in him, go to:  and fill out an application.    He is a sweet boy!

Friday, January 30, 2015


 Fletch came into rescue over a year ago-- he was adopted in February of last year.
 He was turned into a shelter by his owners.  He was emaciated.  
 You could see every bone in his body.      BUT......
 He isn't skinny anymore.   He's healthy and happy and he has a forever home!
 His mom and dad just sent me these pictures yesterday and of course, I had to share them.
 He loves to curl up with them and get snuggles.
And sleeping with his mom is just fine, too.  He went from so needy to so loved!!

Thursday, January 29, 2015


 I think dogs in stuff-- boxes, hidey holes or whatever-- are so cute.
 Tinsley wasn't crazy about getting in this box.   LET ME OUT!  (I love his teeth!)
 Benjamin said, "no box" and plopped himself on a chair instead.
 Charlie, my grandcat, found a box.   He loves boxes!
 Starlight isn't in a box-- a wagon is close though.     She sure puts up with a lot.
 Apollo (my other grandcat) found this box on the Farm.   Looked good to him!
 Cosmo is in his box.   I'm not sure how he got in there.  Did your mom put you there sweetie?
 Starlight and Lexie are in a box.  Well, it's  a large open crate in my office.  
 When I am working in my study, a dog is usually near by-- in the "box."  
 Starlight gets into more spaces than any dog I've know....  
 A basket will do just fine, too.
 Kai Kai has replaced Starlight.
 A box-- no, but the top of a table will do for Chumley.
 There she is-- Starlight in a desk.
 You  all saw Lexie in a box-- it's usually upright, but I laid it down and put a cushion in it.    Lexie liked that idea.    (Lexie is doing well right now-- her red blood count is good and will be checked again next week.)
And Starlight in her favorite place of all-- in the coffee table.    The top will lift up to become a table or desk and it totally confuses her when I do this.   Her roof disappears.    Dogs are so entertaining.  You never know where they will be-- a box, a desk, a table.   Anything will do.    

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Have you ever added pumpkin to your dog's food?    Here's some information on why it might be good.
I add pumpkin to most of my dogs' food.    There are good reasons to add it.  (Sunny's above with his mom.)
 (Biscuit and Marshall above guarding their yard.)   Pumpkin can aid the immune system with all the good things that are in it.  
 Max is my oldest Peke now-- I want my dogs healthy, so a small spoon of pumpkin is good on their food.   Max loves it!
 Pandy above is an older girl.  She was one of my fosters and  now lives across the street with my daughter.    Pumpkin can help older dogs with weight control.    It is high in fiber and low in fat.   (I wonder if it would help us humans to eat it on our diet!)
(This is Pepper Anne.     She is an active senior in our rescue.)   Pumpkin can support urinary health.   The vitamins in it are supposed to aid the bladder.   I know Pekes can be prone to bladder infections, so it's worth trying pumpkin.
 This is Simon, adopted last year from us.     Most dog think pumpkin is yummy-- so that's another reason to add it to their diet.   (Some dogs will lick it right off the spoon!)
 My Starlight is a picky food eater.   She will push her food around and "bury" pieces of it around the bathroom (her private dining room).   I add a little pumpkin to her food to entice her.   Pumpkin has a little texture to it and most dogs like that.   With Starlight, though, you never know on any given day, if she will eat all her food. :-)
 Lexie has pumpkin on her food every day to help her stomach.   She is on a lot of medications, and pumpkin helps her.
Starlight and Lexie above share a hidey hole by my desk.   If I'm working, there is usually a dog or two there.    Pumpkin is a food that most dogs are not allergic to.   So, it is a safe food to add on their kibble.      I use it and keep it right with the canned foods I add on top of their dry food.    They love it and I'm always for good, healthy things to add to their diet.    You can read this article for more information:   Click here: 8 Reasons to Feed Pumpkin to Your Dog

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Piglet came to our rescue group almost a year ago.
 His owner had died and the family did not want him.   We thought he was about 8 years old, but it's hard to really know.
 He was such a sweet boy and he was very briefly adopted, but it wasn't a good fit, so he went back to his foster mom.
 He made a brief visit to my house and he was wonderful.    He was such a nice boy.
He died suddenly Saturday night, in his sleep.    The vet said it was his heart.   This can happen and be so unexpected.   We are so very sorry for his loss.    Run free now, sweet Piglet!   I know your mom misses you so much.


 Bandit heard there was snow coming!  
 I am going to sit with my foster mom, Jeanne, and watch the weather.
 Raymond finds a spot where an afghan is close by if he gets cold.
 Carter and Hannah are on the alert-- they'll let us know when the snow begins.
 Toni's dogs, Macaroon (above) and Chester (below) are going to snuggle in to stay warm.   Toys help Macaroon stay cozy.     They are also good for pillows!
 Chester has that look of being ready-- his ears are always up, though.   I know he can sniff out the snow when it begins.
 My dogs are not concerned.   Kai Kai will just sleep through it all.
 Max will stay near the window to stand guard.
 You all know Starlight.   She could care less.  As long as she continues to be a princess, she is just fine.
 And Chumley just wants a belly rub.    Who cares if it snows.    I have my people trained properly!