Thursday, January 22, 2015


Sometimes, I just want to share a bit of my life with you-- I have been with Peke rescue for 12 years now, but my life is full of  family, grandkids, adventures.
 Three of my grandkids live on a farm.   I love to visit-- it's a few hours away.  Bitty Bit is holding Lexie here.
 Their old Peke, Lottie, is almost 15 now.  
 I was outside, while Lil Bit was inside doing a science fair report.    She wasn't having as much fun as I was.
 I was outside with the Pekes and the chickens.   And the ducks, cats, horses.....
 Two of the grandbits were stacking wood.    They were doing a great job!
 My dogs were amazed at everything around them.
 They wanted to get to the ducks and chickens!  Lexie in her sweater, was having a great time.
 Lil Bit took a break from the science project and came out with Starlight.
 Pi is a 12 year old Lab-Shepherd mix.    She is probably the best dog I've ever known.   Even if she isn't a Peke.
 Pi and I went for a walk in the woods.   The farm is on 15 acres-- we could walk a lot.
 She is so obedient, and kept an eye on me as we walked.  
 It's winter, so there are no leaves on the trees.  
 We walked past the horses in their field.  
 We kept going.
 There's a peace walking in the woods during the winter-- it's  quiet all over.  
 Pi kept leading the way-- or going her own way for a bit.
 We saw old forts-- or maybe it was a deer stand.
 We saw old car parts.   (Maybe it was a tractor.)
 A tree bent over to make a bridge-- and under it we went.
 The sky was beautiful-- I love the solitude you can find there.
 The Bits joined me.
They showed me their hiding place.
 Then, we came back inside.    The dogs didn't miss me a bit.   Kai Kai was asleep.
 Lexie just wanted to curl up on my lap.
And Chumley just rested on his dumbbells.   He didn't want to walk in the woods with me-- that's okay.   Walking in the woods on a winter day isn't for everyone. :-)


lady jicky said...

I would love to walk in the woods with you and Pi.

Linda .... there is no snow ! Does it snow there????

Right now its 5.30 in the afternoon and its hot as hell ...102f.
I am inside with the girls and the air con. on!

Toni Davis said...

What a wonderful adventure! I could feel the peace and solitude (sometimes solitude is great!)