Saturday, August 17, 2019


 My daughter's dog, Leo, passed away-- and what can help heal a heart?
 Helping another dog. 
 Bartley has been in a local shelter since his owners turned him in because he was so fat. (And he was older and how did he get so fat?  The owners!  A dog can't eat what you don't give him.)
 Bartley has been at the shelter for months and no one has shown interest.
 He's having a dental next week and he's staying with Molly for awhile to get him out of the shelter and in a home environment.
 He had a bath, and his skin (which had been shaved) felt so much better.   He also had a cream rinse and smells SO good.
 He is a happy boy, and house trained!   He is 13 years old, so his chances of adoption were slim. 
 But, he's doing well, and will continue to have care while he waits for a forever home.  Fostering doesn't fall far from the tree!  LOL
 Bartley, don't worry.   You have a friend in Callie (who will still come to my house on days when mom is at work), but your life is going to get better.
Bartley, who is a Doxie-Poodle mix, is still a bit round, but the weight will continue to come off.  He's a sweet boy-- 💙❤️

Friday, August 16, 2019


 Paddington and his brother, Piper, are known as the Twins.  They aren't related.
 They aren't even both Pekingese.  Piper is either a Malti-Poo or a Llasa-Poo. 
 So, why do I call them twins?    Because they are BEST FRIENDS. 
 Callie, my granddog, comes over a lot since her brother, Leo, died last week.   (And no, I haven't been able to do a blog on him yet.)
 Callie has found her safe place during storms-- a small bathroom is always handy.
 Callie follows the Twins a lot!   She is often right behind them as they guard our street.
 Most of the time, she is hogging the couch.
 Or trying to fit in Peke sized beds.  But, if the Twins go out, she is right there with them.  She actually runs out into the yard.   She even grabbed one of Paddington's toys and took it out with her.  She has never played with toys! 
All the exercise is helping her to lose some weight-- which she can definitely stand to lose.   So, at my house, the Twins are also called the Triplets if Callie is here.   Look out if they're coming through!!

Thursday, August 15, 2019


 Oliver came into rescue in 2017.  He was in a shelter in Virginia. 
 He went to his new home in North Carolina-- he enjoyed the ride and facing the sunshine.
 He was under ten and was regal and loving.  He was "prematurely gray."   LOL
 His new mom and dad gave him lots of toys.
And he settled  and fit right in to his new life.
 This boy knows how to relax!
 He just turned 11 and his mom sent me a picture of him celebrating.   Happy birthday sweet boy!!!🎂🌝

Wednesday, August 14, 2019


 Happy went to his new forever home on Sunday. 
 I checked on him this week and his new family sent me pictures. 
 What is he doing?  He's dancing with his girl.  He is eating it up!!
 He is constantly being loved on by someone.   I think he likes it!
 He was right there helping to sort out school supplies.
 He wanted to make sure everything was in order.
 He tells the big dogs he has moved in and is taking over.  They listen! 
Happy can't see much with his eyes, but his heart and ears show him everything he needs to see.  What a great life he will have now.   💚💙

Tuesday, August 13, 2019


We received an email on Saturday asking for helping for Mojo.
 He had hurt his back and the owner needed to turn him in.   (I know this pose "sitting pretty" is so cute, but it's really detrimental to a Peke's back, so don't encourage it.) 
 Lisa, who I can always count on, rushed to get him.   The 2 1/2 hour drive home was over 6 hours because of traffic, but this little man was safe now.   He was immediately put on pain meds and we will do all we can for him.
 He is hurting, but has made a little improvement.  He is only 7 years old and a sweet boy.
Back pain can get worse before it gets better.   We are doing all we can for him.   We are not taking applications for him at this point.  He needs to rest and heal.   You're safe now, Mojo!   

Monday, August 12, 2019


 Minnie came into rescue last year-- her owners had died and her last year was one of confusion and lack of care. 
 She had to have an eye removed because of long term ulcers that could not heal, but she did fine.
 Everything stressed her out-- from being picked up to touching...She was put on meds and over time, she began to do better.
 She was very good with other dogs-- here she was walking with Nala at the Christmas tree farm last year.
 She loved to curl up in front of the fireplace and just rest.
 She was not interactive with us, but over time, she would let us lay on the floor with her and rub her tummy.
 I wrapped her in her pink blanket and she felt safe.
Minnie now loves to stay near by.  She will roll around with happiness and will put her face up to mine.  She still has emotional issues and has to be picked up a certain way (and always on my right side), she is still on medication for her anxiety, but she's come a long way.   She's over 14 now, and has had some seizure activity.  After tests, it was determined that it is neurological, and we just keep her safe and comfortable.  She is safe here and a sweet girl.   Life is good for her now.  💜

Sunday, August 11, 2019


Layla is an old girl, 17 1/2, whose owner passed away.  She had medical issues, but is so sweet.   My friends, Peggy and Terry, adopted her and love her so much.  Layla has problems being carried.  She would cough when she was picked up, so Peggy came up with a solution.  She bought a light weigh dog carrier with screen sides, a zipable front and top.  On hot days, she puts an ice pack in the pocket.  Layla loves it and she pops her head out the top!   She's ready for her ride to the yard!   I love the ideas my sweet friends come up with to keep their dogs more comfortable.  Layla is so blessed to be there.   💜⭐

Saturday, August 10, 2019


 Willy came into rescue in July and we asked Sherry to foster him.  (She had Joyful Grace, and she loves the older ones.) 
 Willy had a really rough time, and had to be syringe fed and was given appetite stimulants.  Some dogs come into rescue so depleted that it's a struggle just to save them. 
 Some of you saw the update on facebook, but for those that didn't, Willy has made a turn for the better.   Here's what Sherry said:   "He is now eating his DOG food with no human food enticement. He's begun to poop regularly and is de-stressing and finding his way around the house and the yard. I've fostered and adopted numerous blind dogs and they adapt so well given a little time and patience. I will not be moving any furniture while I have him  ."
 I've fostered sweet dogs over the years but Willy is THE sweetest dog ever. While he resisted and didn't like the syringe feedings, he never got snippy or growled or showed any negative behavior. We set up a large bed in the corner of the living room which has become his place. He wallows around on the pillows and burrows under the blankets and will sleep for hours. I am so grateful to be fostering him and watching him evolve as he becomes more comfortable and secure here. We love him!!"
I'm so glad Willy has done so well with the incredible care he's had.   Our rescue loves seniors-- we know some may not make it, but they will have love.  Some do make it, and have wonderful lives.  I think Willy will be one of those!!   ❤️