Saturday, August 10, 2019


 Willy came into rescue in July and we asked Sherry to foster him.  (She had Joyful Grace, and she loves the older ones.) 
 Willy had a really rough time, and had to be syringe fed and was given appetite stimulants.  Some dogs come into rescue so depleted that it's a struggle just to save them. 
 Some of you saw the update on facebook, but for those that didn't, Willy has made a turn for the better.   Here's what Sherry said:   "He is now eating his DOG food with no human food enticement. He's begun to poop regularly and is de-stressing and finding his way around the house and the yard. I've fostered and adopted numerous blind dogs and they adapt so well given a little time and patience. I will not be moving any furniture while I have him  ."
 I've fostered sweet dogs over the years but Willy is THE sweetest dog ever. While he resisted and didn't like the syringe feedings, he never got snippy or growled or showed any negative behavior. We set up a large bed in the corner of the living room which has become his place. He wallows around on the pillows and burrows under the blankets and will sleep for hours. I am so grateful to be fostering him and watching him evolve as he becomes more comfortable and secure here. We love him!!"
I'm so glad Willy has done so well with the incredible care he's had.   Our rescue loves seniors-- we know some may not make it, but they will have love.  Some do make it, and have wonderful lives.  I think Willy will be one of those!!   ❤️


LadyJicky said...

Mmmmm .... me thinks Sherry just might adopt Willie. Wink.

He is a super senior indeed and I am so happy he is eating doggie food and adapting to his home so well now.

Lost Earring said...

This story about sweet Willie has all the looks of a foster failure because Willie sounds like he's settled in for good.

He is just the cutest little thing.