Sunday, January 31, 2016


Floyd is my foster boy and he's so sweet.   He is one of my shadows-- he follows me everywhere.
So does Kai Kai-- both of them are rarely far from me.   Wherever I go, they go.
The playroom area is two connected rooms where I have my office now, a play area, toys, a piano...  And Sugar Bit is becoming very mobile.
Chumley is pretty good-- but now that Sugar Bit is moving around, more caution is needed with the dogs.  
Pi, my granddog is great.   The bits can do anything to her.   But, when toddlers begin to move and get in dogs' faces, I have to use more care.  As good as my dogs are, and as many grandbits as they have been around, I know they have their limitations.   So, all the dogs are not allowed in the playroom.
This board goes across one of the doors-- Kai Kai can jump over it, but no one else even tries.
Floyd and Kai Kai do not know why they have been allowed entrance-- Floyd seems to be asking Kai Kai WHY!!
So, they wait.   And Sugar Bit shakes the board just to make noise.
She is pulling up on everything, and Max was not thrilled at all.   So, he stays in the rest of the house.
I do let Floyd and Kai Kai in the playroom, but I put them on the couch with toys in front of it.   That way, Sugar Bit does not get in their faces.    I don't want a nose nipped.  And boundaries are needed when babies are around.    It's not worth an accident.
Then, there are times, when Sugar Bit just goes in the playpen and the dogs have free reign!   Oh, the horror of the playpen. :-)   She actually loves it!   I'm all for enjoying my dogs and keeping my precious grandchildren safe.

Saturday, January 30, 2016


Poochie came to us with the Bristol 18 group.   His coat was nasty, he was in bad shape.
Never bathed, never brushed.    This is what a back yard puppy mill dog can look like.   (And this is not as bad as it can get.)
That was 5 1/2 years ago-- he came into rescue and his life totally changed!!!   And he wears flowers haha.
He was adopted by a family who loves Pekingese--
and Poochie became a cherished pup.
He is just beautiful now!   Look at those bright eyes!
He has a human sister and he is loved so much.   He has good food, warm beds, coats when it's cold...
And sometimes, he wears pink.   That's okay!  Pink is good!

Friday, January 29, 2016


 Clover lives in Virginia, and she did have some snow in her yard.  
 Her brothers, LJ and Ricky, were content to just stay inside in their comfy bed!  (Their mom is getting ready to move, so her boxes are ready!)
 Maxine (in her new home) was not too sure about it.
 "What is all this white stuff!?"
 Are you getting snow glare?
 At the Farm, Pi and Gigi are using the truck tracks-- but they are used to this kind of weather and I know Gigi was running all over the place!
 Phoebe and Hannah tried to get to the back yard-- where was it!
 Inside on the window seat is MUCH better!
 Ricky is enjoying the warm indoors.    (He was one of my fosters, and he is a senior now--and still so sweet!)
Gus has the perfect solution for snow-- curl up under a blanket and stay inside.   It sounds like a plan to me!

Thursday, January 28, 2016


 Rudy came to us last fall, from a shelter in Maryland.  He was turned in by his owners because he "didn't do anything anymore."   They said he was 15, so we brought him into our rescue so he could die with love.  
 Once he was in rescue, he was active and happy.   His "burn" on his side cleared up and he showed us he was no where close to dying.  
 He loves his foster mom and is her shadow.   He's a sweet boy.   He was having a lot of ear problems, so he was receiving ear meds.  But, they did not clear it up.   He was sent to a specialist and had a biopsy which showed he had ear cancer.  
 The only way to cure this was to removed his ear canal.   He had that surgery and is now home with his foster mom, and his foster siblings, Joyful Grace, Daisy, and Festus.    Most of his head had to be shaved, but it will grow back, thick and gorgeous like it was before.
 He is on pain meds and is doing well, being pampered as he should be. :-)  
 We could not have done this without so many of you stepping up with donations.   The surgeon gave us a big discount and we are so grateful!
 Rudy did eat, which is great!  
 He will have to wear an ear collar, because I'm sure he will begin to itch and we don't want him to rub his stitches.  
He sleeps a lot with all the pain meds, but that is good.  Soon, he will be the loving, bouncy boy he was before surgery.   He has quite a team of supporters and "cheerleaders!"   Thank you for being one of them!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


 Bowie just came to us from a Richmond shelter.   He was a stray.
 He was so badly matted that he could barely move around.   He had to be totally shaved down.  I can't wait to see his hair grow back in.  He is going to be beautiful.
 "Where's all my hair?"  I bet he does feel better now.
 We have plenty of jackets for him.   He chose a spiffy black one when he visited me last week.
 He is being fostered near me, so I'll get a lot of updates on him.   He is doing really well there.
 He has an xpen but he pretty much has free run of the house.   There are four other Pekes there, and he's doing fine.   We think he is about 5 years old and 16 -17 pounds.
 He had a bath to help his skin, which is healing very well.  
 He is going to make someone a wonderful family member.
Just let us know if you are interested!   He's ready!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


 A friend of mine has a heart for rescue.   He adopted Tigger ten years ago.   Tigger had been very neglected and because of this, he lost both his eyes.  
 Tigger never let that get in his way.  He liked to be in the lead on walks-- he sensed with his hearing and smell and got around very well.
 Tigger's daddy, Charlie, celebrated his birthdays in style.
 Tigger loved it.
 He was such a beautiful boy and he leaves behind his siblings, Leila and Lulu (adopted from us).  
Charlie wrote:  "Today I had to say good bye to my little man, I adopted Tigger 10 yrs ago, Words can not describe the joy and love you brought into my life, Run and play now Tiggy, daddy loves you and will see you again."   I'm so sorry for your loss, Charlie.  I know Tigger is playing with Bear and Precious and many others up there.   He had a wonderful, loving home with you.