Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Floyd is my foster boy.   He has a lot of limitations, but he does not know that.   He is deaf, has only partial sight, bad hips and a bad heart, but none of those have made him enjoy life less.   He is a happy boy.
He likes hidey holes (like this open crate on the porch), and he has discovered how much he loves toys.
He loves piles of things to climb onto-- and his bed has a fluffy, soft afghan in it.  
Any bed will do if he wants to take a nap.
Most of all, he loves my shoes!   Yes, there is only one.   He has the other.  
He put it in a bed and Kai Kai climbed in.   So much for Floyd's plans.  
At night, before Floyd goes to sleep, he goes into my closet and picks one of my shoes.  He never chews on them, he just wants one to sleep with.  I think that is so adorable!   (Of course, I think most things Pekes do are adorable!)    If I need to find Floyd, I just look in my closet-- he's probably there surveying which shoe he will sleep with next.  :-)


Lost Earring said...

What an adorable guy Floyd is and the cutest story too. That shoe is contact with you Linda. It's his little security device that assures him you are nearby.

It's a lovely story and it made my morning.

lady jicky said...

I agree with Lost Earring ..... the smell of your shoe next to him makes him feel so safe.
That is real cute but it could be annoying if you are in a hurry and Floyd has taken it ! LOL