Thursday, January 28, 2016


 Rudy came to us last fall, from a shelter in Maryland.  He was turned in by his owners because he "didn't do anything anymore."   They said he was 15, so we brought him into our rescue so he could die with love.  
 Once he was in rescue, he was active and happy.   His "burn" on his side cleared up and he showed us he was no where close to dying.  
 He loves his foster mom and is her shadow.   He's a sweet boy.   He was having a lot of ear problems, so he was receiving ear meds.  But, they did not clear it up.   He was sent to a specialist and had a biopsy which showed he had ear cancer.  
 The only way to cure this was to removed his ear canal.   He had that surgery and is now home with his foster mom, and his foster siblings, Joyful Grace, Daisy, and Festus.    Most of his head had to be shaved, but it will grow back, thick and gorgeous like it was before.
 He is on pain meds and is doing well, being pampered as he should be. :-)  
 We could not have done this without so many of you stepping up with donations.   The surgeon gave us a big discount and we are so grateful!
 Rudy did eat, which is great!  
 He will have to wear an ear collar, because I'm sure he will begin to itch and we don't want him to rub his stitches.  
He sleeps a lot with all the pain meds, but that is good.  Soon, he will be the loving, bouncy boy he was before surgery.   He has quite a team of supporters and "cheerleaders!"   Thank you for being one of them!


lady jicky said...

For a guy that was not "doing very much" ....oh boy - he bloody is!!!! LOL

Prays for Rudy that his surgery is a success and he becomes a happy Peke with many years to live!

Kisses from his girlfriends in Australia XXXX

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

Someone needs to knit him a hat….. <3 Wishing you a speedy recovery, Rudy!

Mysticchyna said...

i'm so glad he's doing well what the heck is WRONG wtih people. yeah, Chyna and Ba-Ge didn't do much of anything either at 15...wait till those people get 105 years old, see how much they will do. gah, people are so grrrrrrr....