Saturday, January 23, 2016


 Joyful is being fostered with Rudy.   They are both in a foster home with Sherry, who loves the seniors.   In fact, she also has Daisy and Huri.   They get exceptional care there.   Can you find Joyful in this picture? haha   She is really snuggled up-- it's cold here in Virginia.
 Joyful wants everyone to know about her foster brother, Rudy.    He needs help.
 (Daisy is watching Rudy wander the yard.)    Rudy is such a sweet boy.
 Rudy had an ear biopsy last week and the results came in today.
 Rudy has cancer in his ear canal, and if we do not do something, the cancer will spread and he will be in a lot of pain.   (We would not let him suffer.)
 The surgeon has said he can remove Rudy's ear canal-- he believes the cancer is just in that area and the surgery would remove it all.    The survival rate is very high for dogs that have this surgery.
 The surgeon is very good and is giving us a big discount to do the surgery.   But, it is still a lot.
 Joyful Grace wants her foster brother to be okay-- so he can continue sharing her home with her.
 Rudy is his foster mom's shadow.
 He's hoping she is making something good for dinner...he's licking his lips.
 His appetite is good, and he is still very active-- not like the teen-ager we were told he was.
Joyful hopes he will be around a long time.  Jeanne is beginning a fund-raiser to pay for Rudy's surgery.   This sweet boy deserves a chance.   If you want to help with his care, please make a donation by paypal or by sending a check to:   PVPC P.O. Box 61005 Richmond, Va 23261   Thank you!


lady jicky said...

I wish Mr Rudy and the best with the Op.
Will donate .

I hear on my radio in Australia you are having shocking snowfalls....... I believe 8 have died in car accidents in DC.

Keep warm and safe :)

Lost Earring said...

The dedication and determination of rescuers and fosters always manages to stun me...the attitude that every Fur that comes along who is broken from neglect deserves some safety, comfort, warmth and love is just amazing. I personally don't know if I could be as strong as all of the Lindas, the Jeannies, Margies, Susans and hundreds of names I don't know.

God bless all of you and the people who reach into their pocket or crafting skills to make a difference for the savers.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I have three beautiful Fur Children because one of you started the process by springing into action when a call came in that there was a little Fur in distress somewhere.