Saturday, January 2, 2016


 Oscar came into rescue from a Maryland shelter.    He had infected ears, skin, and mouth.
He  lost 14 teeth during his dental.    This can happen when no dental care has been given and they don't have good food to help keep the teeth clean.  His mouth feels SO much better!!   His skin and ears are  better, too.   He's on Zyrtec and that seems to be helping his allergies.     (Two of mine are also on Zyrtec and on a food that helps their skin-- salmon and potato.)
 He is under 14 pounds and loves to take walks.  He is a real sweetheart and very loving!
 When his foster mom is at work, he will use a piddle pad.    He's such a smart boy!
 He gets along with other dogs and loves people.
 He bonds quickly to his person-- so we know he will do fine in a new home.   He's ready!
 He loves getting attention-- his foster sister, Penny, seems to be enjoying having him for company.
 Yes, Penny, I am talking about you sweet girl.  Penny is a PVPC alumni!
 When you have one adopted Peke, it seems you just have to have another. :-)
We think Oscar is about 5 years old, and he is ready for his forever home.  If you are interested, just fill out an application on our web site.  


lady jicky said...

That Oscar is handsome!!!

I am going my Adoption Dance for sweet Oscar who needs a forever home!!! Lets hope he is the first adoption for 2016 !! yeah!

Wonderful Wonders said...

Oscar reminds me of my precious baby girl, Chanel