Friday, January 22, 2016


 Daisy came into rescue with her sister Roxy-- Roxy was adopted to a great home and is thriving.
They were not bonded and did not need to stay together (otherwise, we will not separate them).
 Daisy is older-- 12-13 now.    She and her sister had been so neglected.   Sometimes, we see incredible cases of a total lack of care.   And the owners "don't see anything wrong."   I won't say more on this. ;-(
 Daisy is very well cared for now by her foster mom, Sherry.  
 She has spa days and loves them.
 She has big soft beds.
 She has good food and clean water.  She was very overweight when we got her and she has lost 4 pounds-- a lot for a Peke.  She can now get around easily and loves to run in the yard.  Daisy will not have anything to do with a leash, so don't expect her to go for a walk with you.   She will just sit down.   A fenced yard is a must for these little one.
 Her coat is very nice when it is longer-- great for these cold winter days!   She does not mind being brushed as long as you also give nice ear rubs while you do it.   Oh my, sounds wonderful!
 She is very, very affectionate and loves, loves to have her ears rubbed. Her tail begins to wag when she sees you and continues the entire time you are petting her. She does have the Peke snore but when gently nudged will stop
She watches you with those liquid brown eyes and then she’s wrapped tight around your heart. She likes to lay with you on the chair while you read or watch TV. She loves to sleep against you and will lay there all night. She is an incredibly sweet, laid back dog.  She would make someone a GREAT fur-ever friend and companion.


lady jicky said...

Coco loves a ear rub too. I think Peke snores are so cute !

What a lovely girl she is .... I am doing my Adoption Dance for sweet Daisy!!!

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

My Grace is a champion snorer and acts like you've just put her head in a noose to hang her, when you put a leash on her. So no walks for her, either! But we love her and I hope someone falls in love & adopts Daisy VERY soon, too!