Saturday, October 31, 2015


Dawson can't believe it's Halloween already.
But, he and Dollar are ready!!
Gunther is new to the pack, but he caught on quickly.
This family likes to dress up!!  
Rammi was scared of those terrifying jack-o-lanterns.
Save me, someone!
Oh, they aren't real?  Okay.
I feel better now-- but I'm keeping my eyes on them!
Kipper had on his adorable candy corn tie.   And his matching hat.
Onslow studied the props-- I mean the autumn leaf. :-)
Kipper is a cute Viking-- do you like your outfit?
Desi, you are just stunning in purple.
Desi joined them for another photo session.
She has so many outfits.   I'm sure her closet is taking over the house.
She is such a pro that the jack-o-lantern doesn't bother her a bit.   (I know Miss Peggy will love these pictures-- she adores Desi!)     One more blog tomorrow!   HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Friday, October 30, 2015


 Cassidy is ready for autumn and chilly weather in a sweatshirt that Jeanne sent to him.   It even lights up (but doesn't show that in the picture).    He is ready!
 Sampson says, "I want one of those, too!"
 But, he's content to wear his green outfit.
 Sampson is slowly improving and loves being held.    That's all he wants.   He's such a little boy-- 8 pounds, but hopefully, he will put on some weight.
 We were told he was about 8-- but we don't know.    Whatever his age, we are so glad we could save him.   (Thank you, Lucinda!)
 Wanda is Roger's girl.   She loves to go by Starbucks with her dad.   I'm sure if she wears this, she will have extra treats!
This outfit is just stunning!!   Wanda, you are  such a beauty!

Thursday, October 29, 2015


 Floyd is sure getting some blog time-- but how could I resist the pictures that Lucinda and Roger took of him before he came to me.  
 He is just precious!    He looks so laid back here-- and he is!   He's dressed up as an outlaw-- but he's really more like Chester on Gunsmoke.
 Desi is ready for a party--
 Her pink cowgirl hat is sitting nicely.  I don't think she's an outlaw either.
 Do you see your buddy?
 Onslow and Desi are quite a pair.   They have become such wonderful friends.
 And they are such good little cowpokes for all the photo sessions.
 Floyd was watching it all.   He has one eye that is a little clouded, and he doesn't hear, but he follows me everywhere.   (Yes, I just looked over and there he is.)
 He is content as long as someone is close by.  
Onslow, yes, the session is done!   Is this what you really think of it?   You are so cute!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


 We came home on Sunday and on the way, we stopped and picked up Floyd.  
 Not only did I get to pick up Floyd, but I met Gunther!
 He was dressed up with his Halloween tie, leash and harness.   He is SO cute!
 And I saw Sampson!    He is SO TINY.   Just a little bit of a dog!   He had on a  purple shirt to keep him warm.   He just wants to be held.    He is still on medical hold, but I'm so glad I was able to meet him when Lucinda and Roger met me with Floyd.
 Desi was there, too-- and can you see Onslow peeking ((Peking" that is) )at us.   That's Floyd on the right.  He weighs about 13 pounds, but he needs to gain a little.  
 Desi and Onslow are great friends.  
 There was one tree there near us-- so they all checked it out.
 And I held Sampson-- I just couldn't resist!
 Onslow and Desi were fine with just being admired and petted.  They were all in their autumn attire.
 Desi was posing for me!    I wish I had a big wardrobe like hers!   She is just stunning.
 Here's Sampson's outfit-- he weighs just over 8 pounds, and is slowly improving.   Keep praying for this little one.
 Onslow is adorable-- he's such a beauty.
 On the way home, we stopped at the farm to see my daughter.    Floyd did great!   They have big dogs and he was just fine with them-- and the cats, the chickens, the ducks, and the Bits.
 Floyd is with me now.  He has a bad heart murmur, is deaf, has bad back hips and is on soft food after a big dental (he lost 14 teeth).   But, you wouldn't know he has health issues.
 He began to wag his tail yesterday and he played with me!    He also played with a toy-- throwing it around and retrieving it.  SO cute.
 Yes, you are a sweetheart!   We'll take care of you.   Floyd is a special need's Peke, but right now, he is doing fine.
He has claimed one of the beds, and sleeps a lot, but if he knows I'm walking away, he is the first to follow me.   Welcome, little Floyd!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


 Jeanne is one of our most dedicated volunteers in PVPC.   Didi is her heart dog-- but I know Jeanne's heart has a place for so many!
 Jill Lee is adorable-- she was fighting an immune disease similar to what Lexie had.  Jill has been doing much better.
 Jeanne has cared for a lot of Pekes-- like Sassy above.   Sassy wanted something in her bowl besides her feet, Jeanne said.   I've had Pekes knock their bowls around (and my Starlight will scratch the dishwasher when she is hungry), but I've never had one put their feet in the bowl!
Jeanne has kept some of the Pekes she's fostered-- Didi grabbed Jeanne's heart as soon as she saw her!
 Sassy stayed because of medical issues.
 Hannah Joe was feral when Jeanne got her as a puppy-- but she trusts Jeanne and Bill now.   Shelby stayed because of medical issues.   I know it's hard for adopters to take one who has health issues, but I'm so grateful for those that do.
 Lucy has a seizure disorder that is managed pretty well with medication.    Jeanne and I are very familiar with seizure dogs.   We both have them.
 Jeanne loves her wine breaks...
 Her dogs...
 Her chickens...
Her garden.   She just has a lot of love in her!   I'm so grateful to be her friend and a fellow worker in Peke rescue.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM ALL THE PEKES AND OTHERS WHO APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH!