Monday, October 19, 2015


 Buffy came into rescue in 2009 at about a year old.    She came from out of state and she was a crisis dog-- we had to help her.
 She was quickly adopted and is the joy of her mom and dad's life.
 I knew what great owners they were because they had already adopted from us.
 They adopted Ollie from us.   He was one of my foster dogs and I loved him-- they adopted him in 2006-- can it be that long??!
 He is now about 12 years old.   Hard to believe my former fosters are getting old!  Here he is, trying to get his mom's attention-- it was ten minutes until feeding time and he knew it!   How do Pekes know how to tell time??
 Buffy was taking a nap on the couch-- and her little face was "smudged" right in there.  That's not a word, but it fits.   She was perfectly willing to wait until she was called for dinner.
Ollie decided to take a nap, too.   Waiting for dinner is such hard work!!

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lady jicky said...

We always said that Moi Moi had a Rolex watch that told her meal times and walk times.
Believe it or not ... Moi Moi must have willed that Rolex to Coco .... she is doing it now!!! LOL