Sunday, October 18, 2015


 Baby is visiting- he is the sweetest dog.  But, he wonders why I had to have my floors redone while he was here.   Really, couldn't I have picked a better week?
 The Bits loved the empty rooms, but....
 the mess!!   Sanders, furniture in the garage and play room.   Chaos all over.   DUST!
 We hung out on the porch, and Sugar Bit was fine with that.  The weather was perfect.
 Beach Bit built dinosaur forests on his little table.   Leaves and wine corks-- what an imagination.
 And then three days of sanding, sealing and coating the floors was done.  We waited three days and were able to begin lifting furniture back into the three rooms that were done.   Beach Bit helped!   (You can't slide furniture on the floors for weeks, so my husband and son in law were building muscles bringing in furniture.)
 We began to rehang pictures, put things back in place.  Oh, thank goodness.   Peace began to settle in.  I hate my house in chaos.
 Little reading corners came back.
 The fireplace (gas logs) was thoroughly cleaned.   The rocks in there were so covered so everything was taken out and washed.   Mini-blinds were rehung, curtains boards were put back up.
 I moved the study to the back of the house (I really got tired of seeing my constantly messy desk).   The dining room is there now.   And yes, there is Starlight's bouncy seat.
 Order began to come.   The playroom and new study are still a work in progress, but it will get done.
Now, we can eat in the dining room again-- and the house is coming back to normal.
I think Starlight is still in shock from all the work-- but she will be fine.   I'm sure she'll play it up for awhile though.   (I'm not going to tell her that in January, they are coming back to redo the piano/playroom, which was used this time to store furniture and books.   She may disown me!)

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lady jicky said...

Oh I know that dust ! We had our floors sanded by my hubby some years ago - dust everywhere.

How is Starlight going? Still Luv's ya or not???? LOL