Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our Most Valuable Peke Person 2009/Picnic

We had a few adoptions at the picnic (who were already approved). Here are Nico and Bao with their new dad! These are two of the nicest Peke boys and I know they'll be wonderful playmates in their new home.
And here is Teddy. His owner now lives in the DC area, so it was easy for her to come to the picnic. Teddy is about 12 now and came to her when his original mom went into a nursing home.
And here is another beauty! Can you see Melanie on the side?
This is Pooh-- I love her coloring!
And each year, we give out a Most Valuable Peke Person award-- this year is was Melanie! She has done an amazing job on the new web site. Melanie and Susan have done all the work on it, and keep it updated for us. Susan also does our newsletter. And they both help with transport, and many other aspects of rescue. (I don't have Susan's picture at the picnic-- maybe I'll get one from someone else.)
Melanie is with me and I'm holding Chance-- I think he was camera shy. Chance is my new foster dog and he's a sweetheart! He's deaf, but is a loving dog who follows me everywhere.
Here's Melanie! Congratulations on being our Most Valuable Peke Person for this year. And thank you for all that you do!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Picnic Pictures-- Round 2:

It was fun to see old friends and new ones at the picnic. Some of the dogs we adopted years ago were there-- I'm always surprised that they get older-- just like me!
And some just took a nap! It was about 90 degrees that day-- we had fans all over, but laying on the cool cement was a good thing to do.

And here was a Pekingese friend who came, too! I think he WANTED to be a Pekingese!

Looks at the different colors of Pekes we had there. Beautiful!

This is Suzy Wonton, from New York. It was a little warm for her. But, she was in the shade and enjoying the attention of all who wanted to meet her.

Willie Wonton was there, too. They came a long way to be at the picnic! We're sure glad they made the trip! It was the first time I was able to meet his parents in person-- just wish I could have talked longer.

There are more pictures from the picnic. I love going through them, and some people have sent me theirs. If you have some, send them on!

Deluxe Award

A friend who reads the Must Love Pekes blog every day sent me this "award." THANK YOU!! We both blog and support each other.

Picnic Pictures- Round 1

There were so many cuties at the picnic!!! Look at this precious face!

This is Shadow's sister, Nico. (Did I spell that right, Barbara and Lara?)

And here is Shadow-- he was one of my foster dogs over four years ago. And his sister, Meng, is beside him. Shadow is such a happy boy! I have more pictures of him that will be posted later.

Here is Chyna-- she was one of Susan's foster dogs. She looks perfectly content and happy to be at the picnic.

Or not. Maybe there are just too many here!

Yes, a lot of us were untangling leashes that day. There were a LOT of Pekingese there. Did anyone count them? (I think over forty Pekes were there.)

And here is Daisy, who now lives in DC. She was just adopted last month. They even brought a wonderful photo album, and had little sayings that Daisy had given them to put in it! It's amazing how smart these dogs are. I loved the scrap book! I wish I had time to do that.

Daisy brought her mom's friend-- and her dog. He was a perfect gentleman the whole time-- so much more polite than some of my dogs that day. What a nice boy.

And here is Daisy again-- I put this picture on twice-- and couldn't get it off. Oh, well, you just get to see if twice.

Daisy is wondering if anything is available to eat. She could smell the hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, cole slaw, chips, drinks, dessert. We had quite a spread that day! But, it was all for people-- we did have toys for every dog that came though. Mine were quite happy with those.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Let's Go to the Picnic!

We got up EARLY Saturday morning (5:15 am) so we could go to the Annual Pekingese Picnic. Starlight was all ready-- curled up on her blanket.

Max and Maggie were curled up together, on the other seat. Max wasn't sure WHY we were up so early!

And there is Chance, behind the seat. He has a comfy kennel to get into, with a nice thick pillow-- but he chose this spot.

Max climbed up into my lap so he could see where we were going.

He even "sat pretty" looking at my husband-- but he still wasn't able to drive the van! Beg all you want, Max, but you're not old enough to drive.

Okay, I'll just veg here and watch.

Max is now back with Starlight. They are such good travelers! Chance is curled up in front of him now.
We did a lot of musical seats on the four hour trip to the picnic.

Max couldn't wait to get there!! He knew I was excited-- so he was, too!
Look tomorrow for Picnic Pictures!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gloria's Pekes

I'll be posting picnic pictures soon, but wanted to show off some of Gloria's Pekes.

This is precious Tinker-Bell.

This is Splish-Splash. Isn't he cute!

Gloria is our club president and she has a passion for these little ones.
She has some show dogs and some rescue dogs of her own. She loves each one of them!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Suzy is ready to come to the picnic. She is coming from New York City!! Suzy has her bags packed and is ready to get on the road!! Believe it or not for some reason she climbed up there all by herself!!

Willie and her parents are on the way! Willy is ready to go! "Come on Suzy, let's go!"

The Annual Pekingese Picnic is today is N.Va. (see our web site if you can come-- ) We bring out foster dogs, our xpens, crates, fans, ice, water dishes and lots of food! We have so much fun. Here are some pictures previous picnics.

Everyone relaxes, most of the dogs do great. Some get to stay in the kennels or xpens though.
And there is sweet Ollie (one of my former foster dogs). Some of the dogs dress up for the event.
This is Sweet Baboo-- one of my former foster dogs-- BEAUTIFUL!!!!
Melanie is holding Brody. Melanie is one of our hardest workers!
Pekes in pens all over!
If you get this in time to come, please come on over!! Location: Frying Pan Park2709 West Ox Rd, Herndon VA 20171 We begin at 10:00 a.m. Saturday.