Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring in Virginia

I love the spring! The trees start to get their initial blooms before turning green. I drove around to get pictures-- people probably wondered why I taking pictures in front of their house! (We explained.) I don't have these dogwoods or ornamental pears at my home, so I had to find others.
Isn't this gorgeous!
And this one! Stunning.
The ornamental pear trees are the prettiest in spring. And guess what-- they never have pears!
It was a good day to clean the yard. We have a little water behind our house (I showed you that before--the Feb. 28 blog) and it really needed cleaning out after a winter of a lot of wind blowing things down. I put on my high boots and got out there with a long sleeve shirt and gloves. My husband and I had a blast! (He probably disagrees.)
Max encouraged us while we worked! And he loved one area where we removed a lot because now he can see the water better there. He has the whole fence line to look out, but he chose one particular spot to be his favorite.
Scooter is checking out the newly cleared areas.
We cut down some small trees that were dead and tried to build up some areas that needed help. Like a beaver building a dam!
Scooter and Cranberry wonder where all the limbs went. They cheered us on while we worked!
And then Cranberry said, "enough" and headed back to the house!


lady jicky said...

What lovely blossom trees you photographed.
Its autumn here and soon winter but for you - summer !!
I am glad to see summer go this year for we had those bad bushfires near us and I have never lived through such hot weather like it was this year - 115f and the hot winds! So, I am looking forward to some rain and cool times.
Loved seeing your pekes in your garden - they look so happy.
yesterday we took our little Maltx shih tzu , Kenzo , to the Vets for de-sexing.Kenzo is not happy today but he is doing well considering.

Linda said...

That's right! You're on the opposite seasons we have. What part of Australia do you live in? I have watched the movie Australia-- did you see it there? You can email me at