Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shadow Muffin

We have some beautiful new dogs in rescue. Pictures will come soon to the blog. Some are already posted on our web site. I just got one in yesterday-- he's pretty sick, but already making headway! He is under 13 pounds, and I named him Chance. Here he is. He seems to be very sweet!! I love him already!!
Shadow Muffin was one of my foster dogs over four years ago! Here we are in the back yard while he was with me. He was a sick dog when I got him, but after surgery and lots of care and love, he was a healthy boy.
Shadow still loves the snow! Here he is with Nike and Meng Tzu (the Peke). Meng Tzu and Shadow were adopted at the same time.

And here he is in the snow, making tracks and paths! The snow is gone now and all the dogs are ready for spring!

Shadow and Meng and ready for warm weather-- even though the snow is a LOT of fun!!

Shadow is also ready to eat! He LOVES to eat!

What a sweet boy!


Anonymous said...

It's beautiful to see these little guys making a comeback :)
Nothing a little love and proper care won't fix!

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
I'm so glad to hear that Chance is responding to treatment and doing better!


Unknown said...


My peke, Delilah loves the snow more than any other dog I know!

Anna said...

They are all such wonderful precious little Pekes! I wish for a day when all Pekes (and all pets) will be in safe and loving forever homes!

I also wish for the day when owners won't give up their beloveds b/c "they are moving and pets not allowed", "developed sudden allergies", "too old" , "too inconvenient", "new furniture"...

I remind myself everyday how blessed and fortunate I am to get Peke kisses every morning when I awake!

lady jicky said...

Linda - sending vibes for Chance to get a wonderful home.

* did you get my Email and photos?


Linda said...

Melinda, I sent an email last week, but just resent it. Let me know if you get it. I loved the photos!!