Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tom the English Peke

Remember the English Pekes? Well, they have new siblings-- Jack and Jill. These two cats THINK they are Pekingese. After all, they live with Pekes, so they must be Pekes also. Right!?
Remember Sir Rupert from England. He's a beautiful Peke-- absolutely stunning!
But, Sir Rupert wants nothing to do with being shown. He doesn't behave. Sir Rupert hasn't had a good day unless he and his litter brother Oliver have been at war with each other, yet they are great buddies and all three dogs love Katie, their older Peke sister who is 11 years old.
Here is Tom. Tom never fights with anyone.
He loves to go to shows. He is very behaved and does just what he's supposed to do. Sir Rupert is perfectly content not to have any award-- he lets Tom bring them home!
Their mom, Rita, says the weather in England is warming up and she's also out in her garden getting things cleaned up. I wonder if her Pekes are at the door watching her, too!


Anonymous said...

My son fell in love with Sir Rupert!

Willy and Suzy's mom said...

I love how the two Peke brothers, Rupert and Oliver, love to "war" with each other but then they are great pals at the end of the day! Willy Wonton & Suzy Q seem to operate the same way -- a few daytime feuds, then occasional cuddling in the evening!

lady jicky said...

I have just found your site. I love Pekes and had one a few years ago. My dear Lulu lived for 17 yrs!
I still miss her.
I wanted to get a peke again but could not find anyone selling puppies at the time so I have a shih tzu x maltese, love him dearly but pekes have a special spot in my heart!
Lulu was Mr Rupert's colouring.

Linda said...

I'm glad you're enjoying the blog. If you live in the VA/MD area, you can go to and look at our current foster dogs.

lady jicky said...

Linda - what a wonderful job the peke people there do. I was shocked to see a peke like little Scotty but .... if I lived in the US, I would have snapped him up. I send him special aussie vibes for the right home!

Linda said...

Wow, you live in Australia? Welcome to the blog!!