Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pollyanna In Her New Home

Remember Pollyanna. She had the burns on her back when I brought her into rescue. After much time, medicine and love, Pollyanna began to turn around and become happy and healthy. (THANK YOU to Shanyn, her foster mom!) Then, Pollyanna had her heartworm treatment and they had to shave her back for that. (I'll be doing a blog on that soon.) And it made her scars apparent-- but they're only on her back, not in her spirit! And her hair will grow and cover them up again.
Her new mom went to the store to see if they had the duck that Pollyanna loves so much and has with her all the time. After all, Easter is coming. They had the same type of stuffed animal, same outfit, same size and softness...but it was a bunny not a duck. Okay, bunnies are more popular this time of year.
Here's Pollyanna with her duck AND her new best friend, Shadow! Shadow is a big teddy bear. He is such a man in all ways. His personality is so different from Polly’s. Pollyanna is a priss. She prances around and loves to cuddle. She likes to watch all that is going on.. Shadow is a rough and tumble guy. But, they are still best friends!!
And here are Anniebelle, who is older, Shadow and Pollyanna. These are three spoiled puppies-- and how right that is! It took Pollyanna a few days to settle in, but then she became part of the family and they all adore her.
Here's Shadow-- he and Pollyanna look so much alike!
And here's Pollyanna! I think she's had enough of picture taking that day!


lady jicky said...

May Pollyanna have many happy years in her new home!

Tracey said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures of my babies! Pollyanna is such a cuddle bug and so much fun! She LOVED the spring weather this weekened. All three Peke's spent a good part of the weekend sunning themselves on the deck and supervising all yard activities!! Pollyanna has put on some weight too! Shanyn would be proud.