Friday, July 31, 2020


Can it be the last day of July?  I'm not sure we are ready for August, but we hope it's a safer month for all of us.   No matter what is happening in the world, there are always happy Peke stories to share.  Here is one.  
Genise has fostered and adopted from PVPC for a long time. 
She found out this little "stud dog" needed a home.  The breeder was no longer going to use him. 
Genise didn't hesitate to step up to help him last winter.  He immediately felt at home with her.
He had a thick, long coat so he was trimmed down some.
He needed to learn some house manners, but belly bands are awesome.  He's been with her over 8 months now (am I right?) and is absolutely loved.   He's such a sweet boy and he loves his new home.
Once a rescuer, always a rescuer, right, Genise?  No matter where they come from, rescued dogs are awesome!   They seem to know they have arrived at a safe, forever place and they respond with so much love.    Sam, you are beautiful.  ❤️

Thursday, July 30, 2020


 Granger asked, “what’s going on?”
 His mom (my daughter) had surgery yesterday so I came to help.
 Granger pondered where she was. He’s a mommy’s boy
 I assured him that she would be home soon.
 He was so relieved when she came home, but..
He was exhausted and had to nap.  Poor Granger.  (My daughter is doing great.).

Wednesday, July 29, 2020


I’m taking some time to just reflect on my Clara.  Paddington and Piper are trying to cheer me up by racing around, barking and being silly.  (Piper is part poodle and we think part Llasa so I’ve been hand trimming him.  He sees the groomer soon. I’m not very good!)
 Callie is constantly coming up and smiling w her tail wagging.
 I’m not ready to do Clara’s farewell blog but I’m planning it in my head.  It’s how my brain works.   So, I worked in the grandbits rooms.  Some will be living w us for awhile. ❤️
 I hung new pictures w my middle granddaughters help.
 One of the bedrooms is big so that is the girl grandbits room. (The playpen is for dogs, not kids lol.)
 There is a  queen and a single  in there so they can all snuggle.
The boy Bits have their own room w airplane pictures, army figures, carriers and airplanes under the bed.
 But, the girls room is all sweet and pink— even though they can be as tough and rambunctious as the boys!  
I’ll do Clara’s blog soon.  I want it to be right for her.  I’m taking time from the computer, visiting my daughters and holding Clara’s memories in my heart.  I’m so grateful I had her for awhile. 💖

Tuesday, July 28, 2020


 I’ll do a longer blog for Clara in a few days.  Today, it’s just a short one.
 She came into rescue in December and two months later, she was diagnosed w a brain tumor.
 My little brave girl.
I love you. 💖💖

Monday, July 27, 2020


 Momo is charming her new family.
I was in touch w them because I had known them for twelve years, and I knew the incredible care they give their Pekes.
They had lost two of their adopted Pekes, and Gingersnap missed having a friend.
So we met in the middle on the Eastern Shore of  Virginia.  
And Momo never missed a beat.   She settled right in. The neighbors are falling in love with her.  
And she loves burrowing unto the pile of toys to find JUST THE RIGHT ONE.
GINGERSNAP had been sulking in the kitchen and Momo was trying to be her friend.  Well, Gingersnap came out and didn’t run back.  Progress!!   I think they will be best pals! 💖💖

Sunday, July 26, 2020


 Granger is just hanging out today.  The chair holds his head up.  It’s just too hard.
 He’s another Peke who thinks floor vents are awesome!
Granger says, “Let’s take the day off!”   Great idea!   Happy Sunday. 🥰

Saturday, July 25, 2020


 Minnie has been w me almost two years.
 She came into rescue over two years ago and was an emotional wreck.  She needed time to trust again.  She will seek me out and she likes to keep an eye on me.
 She is on meds for her stress and is quiet most of the time.
 She will fuss at the others if they get too close.  She will bark softly if she is ready for me to carry her up the stairs.
 Other than that, she makes no noise.  She is our quiet one.  It’s okay.  She needed a safe space and we could give it to her.
In rescue, sometimes they just need to stay.  To stop moving.  She continues to make progress, two years later.  Sometimes, they need a quiet spot.  She found it here. 🥰

Friday, July 24, 2020


Oh sweet Momo.   We loved having you here.  
We met your new parents yesterday.  
Before we left, we all took extra time to hold you.  
And you decided to rearrange my mats in the kitchen.
Clara wondered what’s Momo was doing.  The old Peke and the baby Peke.  So much love.
Momo tried to pull it into the dining room.
Then, I heard something different.  Yes, she ran to the top of the stairs. 😳. How did you do that?
We got in the car and hooked up our seat belts.
She got restless, so she took a little nap.
Across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel over to the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  
 We had all driven several hours and we arrived w in ten minutes of each other.
Momos new mom already loved her. 
We were all wearing our masks.  (One of my grandchildren is immune compromised, so I’m more careful.)
Momo had a little walk.
She met her new dad.
They adore her.
Momo took some of her toys w her.
She had time to check everything out, and of course, she had a drink.
I packed  her food, and some toys, and her special blanket from Andrea.
It was time to say good bye, and if course, I gave more kisses.
We will miss her!  I love you little girl. 💖💖