Tuesday, July 28, 2020


 I’ll do a longer blog for Clara in a few days.  Today, it’s just a short one.
 She came into rescue in December and two months later, she was diagnosed w a brain tumor.
 My little brave girl.
I love you. 💖💖


LadyJicky said...

She was a brave girl Linda.
I know you will miss her.

Kelli said...

She was so lucky to have you!! Thank you for giving her the best life ever!! Prayers for you!! ❤️

Lost Earring said...

Hugs of comfort for this loss for all of us who followed on #NotToday and #TeamClara.

Charlie said...

Clara was so blessed to have you.

Unknown said...

My love to Clara as she entered The Rainbow Bridge Yesterday. My love and Prayers To You That Took Such Good Care Of Her. I felt as though she was mine, because I saw your posting of her regularly. There's nothing like a peke. I have owned them all of my life, now they are all with Clara. Unfortunately, I'm on hospice services and can't have another one, but you did share Clara with me, and I thank you..

Debi said...

What a blessed life she lived when she met you Linda.
Truly mustlovepekes. Thank you for all you do. #TeamClara

Cindytkc said...

I'm comforted she had you to love and care for her in the autumn of her life. God brought her to you for this reason. Clara was truly blessed. I love you Clara. May you rest in peace. You touched the hearts of many sweetie.

Michelle said...

My heart breaks with you💔