Tuesday, April 30, 2013

NEW PEKE-- No name yet!

 Little Prince is out of the shelter.    Monica picked him up and will take care of him while he gets healthy.   He is checking out his Peke friends there.    He was in such bad shape that we have to wait to neuter him-- he's just so thin at under 9 pounds.    He has a nasty puncture wound, but is on antibiotics.   He has also sores on his back legs, so we have no idea what this little guy went through.  
 In spite of all he went through, he is still very sweet.and just wants to be taken care of.
In the shelter, you could see that smile that showed he had hope-- and we hope he does just great!    You know we'll do all we can for him!  His foster mom will come up with a name for him-- but if you have suggestions, send them on!


My friend, Cherry, lost her little Lovie this week.   She adopted Lovie from a rescue.   She gave this little blind dog a wonderful home to live the rest of her life.    She was able to celebrate holidays with her new family.
 Here, she went out in the sunshine and snow-- it was just too cold for her.    She was ready to go right back in!
Lovie went outside as usual, and when she didn't come back in, her mom went to the back porch.  Her little Lovie had gone out to her special yard, laid down and took her last breath.   She died after having a life full of love.    Cherry gave her that.   Rest in peace, Lovie.
+++++  Lovie's owner just sent me this and I wanted to share it:   
Linda,  I got Lovie on 7/23/07 and I believe she was around 9 (give or take) when she left me.
She was a wonderful example of what courage is all about. After she lost her 1st eye, she managed just fine. After she lost her other eye, she (very soon) learned how to find the porch steps after she fertilized my grass; she would climb them into the enclosed porch, find the watering hole and came on into the den.....found an empty dog bed, crawled in and curled up for another nap. She just did not give up, give in or give out. She fought blindness all the way. She also had a very good appetite.

I loved her with all my heart. She slept with me until she lost that last eye. She would sit in my lap and lavish the rubbing and petting she was getting. I had her in my lap the night before she left. I'm so glad......."
Another friend sent this and I think it says so much:  "the beautiful Lovie who recently passed away is shown in the picture with sun and snow. To me, she looks just like she's found her way to Heaven and is walking among the clouds. My thoughts and condolences go out to her mother."     Thank you to all the caring readers who know what Lovie's mom is going through.


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 We had a great time at the PVPC picnic on Saturday.  
 The sign came home with us (along with other things that were left--so if you forgot something let me know) and Cranberry wondered why she wasn't invited!
 There were so many beautiful Pekes there-- so here they are.    I won't name them all-- I just want you to enjoy the pictures!    Sweet Lily is above-- she's Abner's new sister!
 Standing up for a picture!!  
 Beautiful Rosebud/Arbie/RB.
 Muggles--she is looking for a home.
 Mr Winks,...
 and his Lacy!
 Sweet Anna.
 This is Lady, the "Pekingese" we got who was found wandering on the side of a road in WV right before the worst cold night of the year.     Look at her now!
 Everyone wondered what Desi was wearing...
 Here she is!
 Some rode home in comfort when it was over.
But, Wanda and her family stayed for awhile and we had a great talk.
 Lulu Belle was ready for home and a nap!
 Sir Jenkins came with me (I picked him up when he was returned that morning).   My friend, Robin was enjoying holding him.
 He enjoyed getting cuddles after a long day.
 The rest were worn out, too-- we had over 70 dogs there I'm sure!
I think Wanda was already fading.... Thank you to all who planned and worked at the picnic!    And most of all, thank you to all of you who were able to come!

Monday, April 29, 2013


Can we come out with you? :-)


Bernard "Bear-Bear" was Gimmie's "brother."   I got them both out of a shelter near me.  Gimmie was adopted and lives a wonderful life in N.Va.   Now, Bernard has his very own home with a new mom.   He will get so much attention!!     We're so happy for him!


Milford came into our rescue last summer.   He was a senior boy who had been turned into a shelter.   He was adopted to a loving home, but he didn't  have as long to live as we had hoped.   He had heart issues and passed away last week.   We are so sorry for his owners and for his Peke friend, Haydn who misses him so much.   Rest in peace, little one.


This is Sprinkles.    He has little sprinkles of white on his back paws, so we named him that. 
He is about five years old and very sweet!   We have some of his past history and he deserved better.
He has a long tongue (like my Scooterbug!) and a little white on his chest.
He has a cute underbite!     He's going to have a dental soon along with neuter surgery.  
He loves other dogs, and was giving kisses to my grandson!     I will post some of those pictures later.
For now, he is just enjoying being  inside and cared for.
He went to the vet and my vet loved him-- he said "this is one sweet dog" which he doesn't usually say.  (Even though I think they'll all sweet haha.)
We'll find you a wonderful home, Sprinkles!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Max loves his tennis balls.   They are his favorite thing in the whole world.    

So, when Beach Bit took his mini tennis ball, he was concerned.
Where are you putting it?    
 Did you just put it in your mailbox?     That's just not okay!
 I want it back!
 Mom, can you help me?
 He took my ball and I want it back!
 (Isn't Max beautiful!   He's nine years old now and was a foster dog that no one adopted.   I don't know why-- so he lives with us.  A sweet boy.)
 I am going to have to try to find that ball!
Where did you put it Beach Bit.   It's time to give it back!

Saturday, April 27, 2013


 Piper usually picks a nice place to take a nap-- but not on this occasion.     He got up on the couch, sank into the cushions and slowly slid between the back of the couch.
 The ottoman is a better place to sleep.
 Or a dog bed/pillow.  That works just fine.
 Cranberry knows the floor or a rug makes a great bed.
Not Piper.   He got on the couch and picked the middle where there's no support.
And he fell right through the two cushions, not bothered a bit, lightly snoring and perfectly comfortable.   I just don't get it.   Are you sure you're okay, Piper?    :-)