Thursday, April 25, 2013


 Desi emailed me-- I love Peke emails!   She wanted me to know she is getting ready for the picnic this Saturday.  If you haven't rsvp'ed yet, let us know!    It's in Herdon, VA.   I can't wait to see all the Pekes!!
 Desi was thinking, "What should I wear?"   Here's what she wrote me:   "It’s me Desi ! I have been so busy that I have not even had time to pick out my outfit for the Pekenic yet. Mom says not to worry because I look great in everything. I am after all a Diva! I can not wait to see all of my friends. Wanda, Alastor and I just came back from a vacation in Tennessee. We got to take walks and smell lots of flowers. Alastor has a bad heart so he did not go on long walks but he still loved the flowers and the wind blowing in his hair. He is such a ham!
 Will  I wear this outfit to the picnic?     Wait, I see something in the grass.....
 It's over there, Dad!!!
 GROSS!!    Desi said,  "I was not scared at all and was all ready to save my Mom from this dangerous reptile, but Dad said it was not poisonous and that maybe he had better move it so I would not mess up my dress."
 Wanda was keeping an eye out--
 But, it looks more like she is falling asleep on the job.   Do you see any critters, Wanda?
 Not up there, Wanda.    On the ground!
 I don't think she's really concerned.
 She just enjoys the flowers and the wind blowing through her hair.
 Alastor "Al" like that, too.
 His heart is pretty bad, but with his mom and dad's incredible care, he is still hanging in there!
 He enjoys life, gets dressed up with his tie.
 And acts up-- like standing on a railroad tie.   I guess that's what it is.
 He's pretty brave!
See you at the picnic guys!!!    Hope lots of people and Pekes show up!    We'll have a party!!

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lady jicky said...

Here is a note from Moi Moi for Desi ---

"Wear the Dior darlin!"