Tuesday, April 16, 2013


 Little Champagne Bubbles came into rescue from a shelter near me.   She has little if any vision and is a total sweetheart.
 She was at my house for a visit, so I was able to see her again.     What a treat!
 Bubbles found the Pekingese lounger and jumped up on it!   This is amazing because she has limitedif any vision.
 I whistled at her, and she gave me that cute head tilt!   I'm a sucker for head tilts.  
 He also loves to have his back rubbed and scratched.  
She is totally house trained, about 12 pounds, gets along with dogs and cats, likes to play tug of war and is about 8 years old.    She is a perfect little girl!   If you are interested in adopting her, just email potomacpekes@gmail.com  

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lady jicky said...

Super Pretty Girl !!!!