Wednesday, April 10, 2013


 My Scooter wears belly bands a lot.    He is almost 12, but just has never been fully trustworthy.   It may be because we have so many dogs coming and going, but I think he just never "got it."   He's so sweet, so that makes up for it.
 I found someone who makes great belly bands, and she's much better and less expensive that buying them in the store.  Remember when you use them, they need to be secure, but not tight (it can cause them to want to go to the bathroom).    I put a sanitary pad in them, so I just have to change that.    The belly bands are all wash and dry.
 She makes them to size for your dogs and there are many colors and designs.
 She makes some for the females also-- here's Cranberry modeling one of them.  
 You can tell she is thrilled! haha  (This one is a little short for her, but you get the idea.   I have a bigger one that fits her better.   This is an extra that we can use for fosters.)
 Sir Jenkins has worn them here, too, but he's making so much improvement that I'm trying him without them.    He came from a puppy mill, but is such a sweet boy!
Linda Gerdes makes all kinds of sanitary products for dogs.   If you double click on this picture, you can see them bigger.    She has a facebook page Click here: Doggie Essentials.   Just put in Doggie Essentials if the link doesn't work.    I recommend these products for any of you that have a dog with "potty issues." ;-)  They sure save a lot of clean up!

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lady jicky said...

Oh Linda - Peke's sure can tell you that they are "Not Amused!" - Cranberry's look says it all!

They are such a great idea , I do not think you can buy this sort of thing in Australia - I would suggest your friend gets up a internet site for her goods - she would do really well I think !!!!