Friday, August 31, 2012


Jubilee is at my house until her foster mom comes back from vacation. She has been at the vet, but we want to let her be in a home environment. She doesn't have much hair or fat on her. She was very neglected or lost for a long time.She has her own xpen area so she can get used to being here. She has a new pink collar and harness and she let me pick her up so we could go for a little walk. She has a long way to go, but so far, she is so much better than a few days ago when I got her. Thank you to those who made a donation for her care! We appreciate you!


Clarence and Bear-Bear are doing great together! They have become best buddies in the short time Bear has been at Clarence's house. Bear is going to a home visit this week-end and I know he'll miss his buddy. But, he may get a Peke brother there, too. Here are some videos of Clarence and Bear playing.
Click here: Bear &
Clarence - YouTube

Click here: Bear &
Clarence 2 - YouTube

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Clarence 3 - YouTube

Thursday, August 30, 2012


I picked up Paddington from a shelter near me in October 2006. We thought he was 6 or 7 at the time. I remember him dancing because he was so excited I had come. He was a happy boy and he went to Paige's for fostering.His new parents kept his name and even bought him a statue of Paddington Bear when they went to London.Paddington was a wonderful boy, and I loved his plaid bed and the tongue.His favorite thing to hold in his mouth was a rock. His foster mom, Paige, said he would find the biggest rock he could hold and carry it around with her. At his adoptive home, they would put his pet rock in a sock for him to carry.His best friend was Amelia. She was also adopted from us and they became great buddies.They loved just laying side by side. I know she will really miss him.His mom and dad, Fiona and Bill, said, "Paddy was a great soul, and we will miss his cuddles, sweet little face and endearing ways." We love you, sweet Paddington Bear. Rest in peace, sweet one.


I picked up Jubilee on Wednesday and took her right to the vet. She had been testy at the home where she was found, but I think it was fear. She was dumped there or wandered there, but it was out in the country, so I think she was dumped. She had to travel down a long gravel road to find a friendly home that would help her.I went to visit her at the vet yesterday to see how she was doing. She had had a bath for her poor skin. She had been covered in fleas. But, her tick/heartworm panel was negative! So glad!Susan (Tinsley's foster mom) went with me and Jubilee let us pet her. She enjoyed a back scratch-- "do that again!"You can tell she is a thin ten pounds-- but a pound or two will be what she needs to feel better. She'll be spayed next week."Get that spot.""And there, too." Jubilee let us pick her up, fool with her ears (which are infected) and she gently took treats from me.I was so pleased with how much fear she has let go of. I think she has a bright future. I still need a foster home for her. She's staying at the vet right now. Email us if you'd like to help. .

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


We have many loving Pekes in foster care now. We have taken in a record number who have been in shelters, neglected and in poor medical condition. (Lolli-Pop and Beau-Beau above-- I love this pair!)Tommy, above, had four applications, but they all fell through for one reason or another. He is a dollbaby! He's still waiting for his forever home.Beach Bit is so sad that there are so many needing homes-- but I told him we are taking care of all of them.Wheatly is a 1 year old who was turned in by his owner to a shelter-- and they had turned in another one last fall to the same shelter. Look at those teeth! :-)Drill Bit said he is really happy we are taking care of them. I think he picked a flower for Jeanne who is his honorary grandmother or aunt. She loves this boy! The gang at my house says, "Time to adopt some!" So we decided that we are having a September special. For all those who have adopted from us before, we are offering a half price "special" if they would like to add a sweet Peke to their home. We know our previous adopters are wonderful and so we are making this offer to them. We are offering our sweet seniors at half price to any approved adoptive home. We just want to let them go to their forever ome-- and then we will have room to help more. If you have room and love for another, please let us know.


Gizzy and Autumn both have adoptions pending. Isn't that great! I LOVE to see adoptions happen!! Autumn is still on medical hold for her heartworm treatment. Then, she has to recover and have her spay surgery. But, her future parents are willing to wait. I'm so glad!! She will have a wonderful home with them.


Look at this sweet boy. His name is Toni and his Mama died over ten years ago, but his daddy kept him and loved him. Now his daddy can't take care of him anymore. His daddy has to go to the hospital a lot and is "elderly." (The shelter told me that.) This Peke was loved and cared for his whole life and he is 13 now and I guess there was no one to take him so he went to the shelter. I have someone who said she will take him until we find a place for him. The shelter is doing all his medical (including a dental), so he just needs a place to finish out his life. I love the seniors. Do you? If you would give him a home, we can waive the adoption fee (but still do home and vet checks). We just want this little one to live the rest of his life with love. Can you resist that sweet face?


Gracie's friend, Bodie, came for a visit. They both love treats and just had fun visiting together. They are both precious!


Cowboy Opie is doing great in his foster home. This incredibly sweet boy is very unassuming and loving. There is a cat in the house who has finally decided that he is okay and she has come out of her hiding places. Yoda doesn't care as long as he is getting some attention. He's glad to share with her. He is being called Yoda there-- and he's fine with that.He loves to have someone play with him. He is older, but still have so much love to give. If you are interested in this precious boy, just email us at SENIORS ARE GREAT!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


This tiny one was found in someone's carport! She had wandered up to their house. This was not in a subdivision, but at a house surrounded by countryside and little else. She was obviously dumped there and saw a safe place to go. She is fearful right now, but we hope we can clear up her fear, her skin, and her little spirit. Pray for her! She is at the vet now and will stay there while I look for a foster home-- Jeanne and I are overfull and cannot bring another one to our houses.


Chewie lost his battle today with an auto-immune disease. He had taken medicine for many years and his body just gave out. He was almost 15, so he had many years being loved by Essie. She said he was just tired of being sick for so long and was ready to go.Essie posted this on her facebook, and I know it's true-- if her love could have healed him, he would have lived forever. Rest in peace, sweet one.


Look at this sweet boy! His owner died recently and the family turned him over to us. They want the best for him, and we provided a "safety net" from others that they couldn't provide. He is six years old and 16 pounds-- it's a solid 16 pounds, so he doesn't seem overweight at all. He is incredibly sweet and loving. He seems to love all the dogs, children and people alike. He has come into his foster home as if he knew it already and is just bouncing around, playing with toys, going outside and being a lovable boy. Welcome to our foster home, Peka!

Monday, August 27, 2012


I love this! Maddy's dad did this with his computer and a program that I have no idea how to work! Wouldn't this make a great poster! Hello, Maddy, Maddy, Maddy, Maddy, Maddy......................


Look at this face-- Drake, also known as Tai, is just beautiful. Black and white Pekes are stunning. (And so are the reds, the whites, the blacks... I love them all.)Tai was adopted at the picnic, but his owner was unable to keep him due to severe health problems. He came back to rescue.He came to my area for fostering with a great foster mom. He had Peke buddies Teddy and Grace to be friends with.I think they are sharing secrets.Or do they know dinner is being made inside?Tai wasn't treated well before he came into rescue (we think he was a backyard breeder's dog), but he is loving his caring life now. He's afraid of some men, but if they give him time, he's fine.He loves squeaky toys and snuggly beds. He likes to get in his crate-- it's his quiet, safe area. The door is open, but a lot of Pekes like "hidey holes."The good news is that Tai was just adopted and now lives near Jeanne in Richmond. We are excited that he has his own forever home!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Connor is a very sweet Pekingese who was saved by someone from a shelter. He is seven years old.Connor loves children and is very devoted to them. He also enjoys just rolling over and being the baby himself. :-)He would love a home with children, so he can be their best friend. But, he would be fine with just adults also. If you are interested, please email us!