Tuesday, December 31, 2019


This is my way to end each year on Must Love Pekes.  It's a blog with pictures of all those we lost this year.   Some are not Pekingese.   But, each was loved, even if it was for a short time.  Most have let us know that it was time.   Some have gone on their own.   I hope this blog honors each one of them.  They remain in our hearts.  The ones who have a ❤️ by their name were my fosters at one time or at the end of their lives.   

 Pop and Beau   ❤️❤️ Both Heart Stealers.  So loved.
 Benjamin ❤️
 Binks and ...
 Sir Gizzie, both in the same foster home.
 Blossom ❤️
 Cami Bear ❤️
 Cami Bear with my Max, cuddled together ❤️❤️
 Each one has left a mark on our heart.  They have been faithful.
 Emma ❤️
 Gus with Sawyer-- best friends, both gone the same year
 Harley Marie❤️
 Mr. Petey
Mr. Timothy  ❤️ Beautiful boy, you came to us too late to save.
 Ollie ❤️
 Jasper and his brother...
 Furby and ...
 Princess Kent, both fosters in the same home.
 Ricky ❤️
 Sampson and...
 Wanda, from the same home.
 Beth and David's three Pekes who left this year...Teddy
 and Lily...
 and Missy  ❤️
 Taffy Sue
 Annie ❤️
Gideon, you came too late to save.  But, you were held with love at the end.  ❤️
 Mizmo ❤️
 My Granddog, Leo❤️
 My precious Max  ❤️❤️
 Max joined his sister, Maggie, who left several years ago.
 BeeBee died in June of 2018, and her sister, my Nala joined her in January.  Both were IMHA warriors.  Fiona, my friend, told me, "Dogs have such grace in their illnesses."   Nala had that grace.
 Nala was joyful and loving-- I miss her, like all of you miss your precious ones.   We had the honor of having them in our lives. We had the blessing of loving them and being loved by them.  They still remain in our hearts.

"They remain in every gust of wind, drop of rain, ray of sun and breath of air.
They whisper to us in the rustling of leaves, "we are still here and will never leave you".
We will see them again some day, until then they visit us in our hearts and dreams.

In the mean time, they run in the fields and chase the butterflies, free of the frailties and ailments of this earthbound existence. When we close our eyes, and call their names they will come running.

True love never dies."