Wednesday, December 11, 2019


 Patch was in a shelter in New York-- but there was a family who needed him-- Abner's!  His brother, Brody, had gone to the Rainbow Bridge and Abner and Lily were lonely.
 They were lucky and they were chosen to be Patch's new family.  Abner now had a walking buddy.
 Patch loved looking around and watching out for other dogs.   He liked being part of a Peke family.
 Now, he is going to have a wonderful Christmas with his siblings and new mom and dad.
It's going to be MERRY!!! 🎄

Monday, December 9, 2019


I took all these pictures in November at the meeting at Amee's house, but I waited to use them for my Christmas blogs.
Her home is another place of magic.
The dogs were all dressed up for Christmas-- except Phoebe.  She was having nothing to do with putting on a Christmas sweater!
Sydnie was in a striped Christmas sweater and Mojo was there, too-- they are so cute!
The elf on the table took too much interest in what was in the bowl. LOL
Christmas wreaths-- home made-- were everywhere and beautiful.  Each one just made me smile.
The mantle was so whimsical! 
Sydnie posed for me...
Kallie joined us, too.  She's Amee's "wanna be" Peke.  💜
Mojo found toys-- of course he did!   People with Pekes have lots of toys. 
The cabinets were full of Christmas things, which I just stood and looked at-- magical.
The dogs were all so good -- we had our meeting and voted in our new board for 2020.
Mojo took a rest on his foster moms lap-- he's been adopted and bringing joy to his new moms.
The BELIEVE sign was a favorite-- it's my WORD!!   But, I didn't take it. LOL
Santa's guarded the fireplace-- they're making sure it's safe.
Christmas pillows were made to sit with-- not just for decoration.  And we all filled up the couch, and the floor. 
The beautiful white entry tree is filled with memory ornaments from Amee's life.   I love that!
Sydnie, thank you for letting us visit!!  You have a beautiful home!


 Buffy was adopted from us when she was a young Peke.  She was sent to us from out of state in 2009 for her safety.   She was only 1-2 at the time.   (We don't normally take dogs from out of our area, but we did take Buffy and I'm so glad!)
 Buffy became a sister to Ollie, and she lives in the Christmas House! 
 I've been there several times, and it's like going into a wonderland.
 Christmas is everywhere. 
 Every room, even the bathrooms, have a tree-- big or small..
 Santas are all over-- watching for naughty or nice.
 Ollie is gone now, but never forgotten.
 Joy has "Joy" things all over-- one tree just has Joy ornaments.
 Enchanting figures adorn the house.
 Christmas trees at night become magical.
 You could spend all day just going through each room and absorbing the spirit of Christmas.
 These are not "elves on a shelf" but they are sure cute.
 Villages are all over-- and I wanted to create stories for each one-- what happens there?  Can we visit?
 It is absolutely captivating.
 Little Russian dolls...
 Santa plates...
 Joy has such a gift for creating amazing scenes in her home.
 I could look at these pictures all day and get ideas on what else I could do.
 Snowflakes and candy canes, little boxed gifts as ornaments..
 It's absolutely enchanting.
Buffy helped her mom as she decorated.  It's a home that is a wonder!  🎄

Sunday, December 8, 2019


 Buffy is snug in her bed.  It’s Christmas plaid!
 Her mom has THE MOST AMAZING Christmas house I’ve ever seen.  She has Christmas trees in every room and it’s stunning.
I’ll do a blog so Buffy can show you around her home.  But, today, she’s just resting.  Happy Sunday!

Saturday, December 7, 2019


Stewart was wondering what was behind that little fence.  It's the Christmas tree!   Stewart doesn't have eyes, so he can't get scratches, but the other dogs can, so we keep a little fence around the tree for protection.
Melinda "Lady Jicky" gave me these little koalas years ago, and they always get to climb on the tree.
Callie Hound supervises.  She has decided she lives here, not across the street at her mom's, my daughter.
Stewart was unimpressed with my efforts.
Stewart is usually limited to the family room area, and he has learned his way around.   
His favorite bed is in the corner and he can find it every time.   Stewart is going to meet someone soon who might adopt him.  He has shown me he is a smart dog and can learn his way, even with no eyes. 
The ornaments are going up on both trees (here's the playroom tree) and the snow will be made today to finish them.  I love Christmas!!