Friday, May 31, 2013


 Look at this beautiful white Peke.    His mom is having a hard time and really needs to find him a new home.
 He has been with other dogs-- labs and Pekingese and did just fine.    He slept with his Peke brother until he died two years ago.    Jake is ten years old now, and about 12 pounds.     He is neutered and medically updated as far as I know.   (He is not one of our fosters.)
 He will bark at big dogs on a walk-- of course, he will!  He's a Peke!    It's "little dog syndrome." haha
 He will chase cats in the yard, so I'm not sure he will like them in his house, but you never know.   Sometimes, it's just the chase when the cats run.   He loves walks and sitting in the sun on  the deck.    He loves to snuggle, be petted and just be near you.
He's been with children, ages 2 and 5, so he's good with them.    He likes to steal socks from the laundry, so keep those away from him. :-)    If you could love this little one in your home, please email me at     We'd love to find him a home.

Thursday, May 30, 2013


 Rich continues to do fundraising to help our Pekes.    Here he is with some of his "kids" who just raised more money-- $184.00!!   One one photo was taken because they were distracted by a cute four-legged one!
 Daisy is proud of her dad-- he does so much to help her breed.
 I guess she is trying to come up with more ideas for raising money-- I know she'll come up with one or two.
 Onslow is her side-kick.    Give your dad a high-five paw for helping us.
And Rich, hug those two for me and the Pekes hee.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


 Scooter spent today at the vet.    He wasn't doing well over the week-end-- actually, he was in pretty bad shape.    I texted my vet (Acredale Animal Hospital-- wonderful!) and he immediately called me.   He asked what was wrong and when he heard how Scooter was, he said, "meet me at the vet."    He checked him out (on a day the vet was closed), and said to bring him back in the next morning for tests.    
 This is Scooter in 2006.   He looks so young here!    He loves looking out windows.
 Scooter's "job" at my house is helping the foster dogs.  Scooter is so sweet and he helps them to know they are safe here.    (He's with Stitch here.)  I sometimes feel badly that he's shared almost his entire life with foster dogs here-- but then again, what a blessing he is to each one.
 Scooter was always willing to share a bed with another Peke.   He's such a friendly boy.
 He was content to be in the bed on his own, too.   You can see his tongue-- it's just too big for his mouth!
 He could be a ham-- or a good sport since I'm the one who made him ham it up.
 He is a great helper cleaning the dishes.   His tongue is long!
 Scooter in 2008 with his buddy, Max.    Max was a foster that no one adopted-- he's a great dog.  I can never figure out why some are not chosen.
Scooter is back at the vet today for more tests.    He is pretty immobile, confused, unstable.    It could be a lot of things, but the tests so far have ruled OUT a lot of things, which is good.    We just hope he's recover. Thank you for all your prayers and wishes for my sweet boy.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


 Piper went to his new home last Friday.   Wow, sure is boring here.   He was like the clown that kept us all entertained.  
 He met his new brother and sister.    He's still a little stressed-- it's a lot of change when a dog is adopted, but he has great new friends.
 This is his new brother Sammy.    They look very similar.   I think these two are going to be pals.
 They are both finding fun places to be near each other.  Pekes do like to be on things.
 In the car, he wasn't sure what was going on, but he did well and didn't even have to take his car sick pill.  
 This is his new sister, Penny.   She is 16 years old and so sweet.
 Piper found a cozy place to take a nap.  His world was turned upside down, but I'm sure, like most fosters, he will soon will know he has a great new home and he won't remember us-- that's really what we hope.  Not that they forget us, but that we become less important.   After all, we want them to be happy.
Looks like it's bed time for all-- all curled up together.    Piper's new  home is one full of love and commitment to all their Pekes.     Piper will be so loved there and that's what I want for him.   Love you, Piper!   So happy you have this incredible, loving home!

Monday, May 27, 2013


 Last week ended a few weeks of Camp Runamuck for Pekes.    I took Midnight and Piper to meet their new families.   Before they left, we had a houseful of Pekes!   They were all "running amuck!"
 Beach Bit put himself in a small xpen "box" while he was eating crackers.   He didn't want to share-- the dogs DID want to share.
 Come on, give us a cracker!
 Amelia came to visit-- she was a foster that lives in Richmond now with Magnolia (Stella) below-- their mom went to Ireland!     Next time, she gets the dogs and I go to Ireland haha.  
 Amelia and Magnolia were so good and had fun here.  
 A pile of them were on the couch with Matt and Beach Bit.  
 Piper was slipping between the cushions.    There he goes!
 Amelia liked Beach Bit-- she curled right up with him.
 Yes, we see you are comfortable, too, Magnolia.
 Magnolia liked to be on top of her crate-- never locked of course.  
 And Amelia liked to be inside.
Magnolia loved to be on laps the best though.  
Starlight decided to just hide out, too many for her!     The number is much lower now, so she can relax.    Amelia and Magnolia go tomorrow and it will just be "us."    That just might be boring!   But, it's okay, things will change soon, I'm sure. 

Sunday, May 26, 2013


 After I dropped off Midnight and Piper, I went to Jeanne's to visit for a bit.    It was fun to just sit and chat and look at her garden-- and of course, see the dogs!  
 Didi  knows me, so she came right up.
 I love Jeanne's garden, colors, fun things to look at.    
 Carter was his usual silly self!
 Sweet Jazzy-Lee is very shy.   She was a breeder's dog who didn't want her anymore.   She's little and sweet, and she even came up and gave me little hand kisses.
 Hi, sweet girl!
 Jill is giving me a grin-- she's the happiest girl!
 I see you Carter-- always smiling.
 I wanted to sit and swing!   I love the purple swing that's out in the back of the yard.  
 Jeanne was given this chair by Gloria when she became president of the club.     I love it!   It has a little tray on the side and is very comfy.
We couldn't stay long, but it was a great time.    Jill gave me a tail swish and Didi gave me a smile-- and Jeanne gave me an outdoor fire pit that she didn't want.   YAHOO!    I'm so excited to set that up!    It's cold enough right now to use it!