Friday, May 24, 2013


 Piper came to me in November, so he's been here for six months.    He goes to his new home today.
 He had no medical care before he came and he needed some help.    We were able to do that.
 Piper is full of energy and wonder.    What's in that toy box?  Is it for me?
 He was a good sport when I put him in Beach Bit's swing.
 But, he could get into and on a lot of things by himself.  He loves to get on tables.
 Into high chairs...
 Into kids' wagons....
 Can I jump to the counter from here?
 I think I'll play a tune...
 And take a nap...
 He loves to be outside, taking a nap, getting in the bushes, chasing another dog or being chased by Beach Bit.  He's so funny after a bath:   Click here: PiperBathtime - YouTube
 Piper is great with other dogs, one, two, or a crowd.  He's fine with big ones and little ones-- they're all potential playmates. Click here: midnightpipergang - YouTube
 He became good friends with  Midnight...
 He's great with kids.
 He loves being on your lap-- or behind you on the couch cushions.
 He gives cute faces...
 And waiting for treats-- or maybe a meal at the table.
 He could relax with friends, like Magnolia who came to visit.
Piper is a great dog.    But, it's time for him to go to his forever home with a family who will love him, cherish him, spoil him, care for him and give him a joyful life.    I love you, sweet Piper.   You are going to have a wonderful life!  

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lady jicky said...

It must be so sad when a dog you have looked after and loved must leave but I am happy for Piper like you are too Linda!

Have a wonderful life Mr P !!!!