Sunday, May 26, 2013


 After I dropped off Midnight and Piper, I went to Jeanne's to visit for a bit.    It was fun to just sit and chat and look at her garden-- and of course, see the dogs!  
 Didi  knows me, so she came right up.
 I love Jeanne's garden, colors, fun things to look at.    
 Carter was his usual silly self!
 Sweet Jazzy-Lee is very shy.   She was a breeder's dog who didn't want her anymore.   She's little and sweet, and she even came up and gave me little hand kisses.
 Hi, sweet girl!
 Jill is giving me a grin-- she's the happiest girl!
 I see you Carter-- always smiling.
 I wanted to sit and swing!   I love the purple swing that's out in the back of the yard.  
 Jeanne was given this chair by Gloria when she became president of the club.     I love it!   It has a little tray on the side and is very comfy.
We couldn't stay long, but it was a great time.    Jill gave me a tail swish and Didi gave me a smile-- and Jeanne gave me an outdoor fire pit that she didn't want.   YAHOO!    I'm so excited to set that up!    It's cold enough right now to use it!

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lady jicky said...

Lovely to drop in on girlfriends - especially if they have Peke's!!!

"Hi" to you both from the gals in Oz :)