Monday, May 20, 2013


 I've inserted more pictures I just received.    Heather, Polly's foster mom's daughter-- who took time to go to the shelter and save Polly-- is hamming it up with Polly.
 And just look at her smile-- she knows she is safe!    I think her tail is wagging!
 She is so happy in her foster home!
 A shelter in Maryland contacted us and asked us to take this little girl.   She is microchipped, and her "owner" was contacted, but she said it wasn't her dog.   This little girl needs our help for sure.   Her teeth aren't great (see the tongue hanging out the side), and she's thin.    Her nails were curling into her paws.  
Her shelter picture showed her confusion, but that's in the past.     She is now in a foster home, getting medical care and wagging her tail.  
Polly is very small, at 11 pounds so she's easy to pick up.  She is probably 8 years old (we are guessing), and she has an upper respiratory infection.  BUT, we have her now, her life has changed, she is being cared for, she will get better, and we will find her a wonderful home!!     YAHOO!!

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lady jicky said...

Oh Miss Polly I am SO GLAD you are with these people now!!

They are ALL Angels and they will help you !!!!