Wednesday, May 31, 2017


 Oreo is a tiny one-- under ten pounds.   He LOVES for his foster daddy, Bill, to hold him.
 He has lots of friends in his foster home and they have so much fun together.
 They were celebrating Dixie's birthday and they all gathered around the table.
 Bubba got ON the table, so the party shifted to the floor.
 They all adore Bill, and knew he had treats.  Oreo was so excited, he kept running back and forth.
 They are getting closer and closer....
 Oreo ran to get a toy.   I don't think that will get you a treat any faster!
 Rocky is there, too.   He is a shy, timid, super sweet boy.  He is Furby's son.
 They are great friends, and Furby will be moving to their home for fostering soon.   He does not do well with the blind dogs here -- but they don't know they are in his way.  lol   Poor Furby-- he thinks they run into him on purpose!
 Duke is also in Oreo's foster home.  Trust me, these dogs play all day long!  Rocky, Oreo, Duke and their pals run around constantly.   I wonder if Furby will do the same.   We hope we can find great homes for them soon.
Get ready, Oreo!   Furby is coming!  I know you will welcome him to your playtime!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


 Don't you think this looks like a real fire hydrant-- especially since it has a face picture on the side.
 Floyd and Kai Kai are checking it out.
 It is really a little sprinkler that the grandbits can run around in.
 Benjamin decided to check it out, too.
 What in the world is it?
It's okay Benjamin.  It doesn't do much but just sit there.  But, everyone MUST think I have a fire hydrant in the back yard. :-)

Monday, May 29, 2017


 Look at this face!  Who could resist!!
 Midnight came into rescue over four years ago--
 We had a great application for him and he went to his new home and became a brother to two other Pekes.
 Elvis was one of his new brothers!  Silly boy!
 They are good friends.
 Midnight had a brother named Bozzy-- when Bozzy was near the end of his life, Midnight never left his side.  They were so close.
Midnight has been in his new for four years!!   Happy Adoptaversary, sweet boy!!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Happy Sunday with Granger

Granger said "Happy Sunday!"  Relax, it is a holiday week-end, and we need to step back, sit down, regroup and just rest.  Take a day off.  Granger thinks that is a great idea!

Saturday, May 27, 2017


 A Maryland shelter asked if we could help with Bridget.  She was turned in by her owner.
 We had volunteers step up right away to foster and transport her a long way to her foster home.
 Alisa helped with the first step-- getting her from the shelter to Northern Virginia.
 They remembered to bring water because she was going to be thirsty.  And she was.
 Sharon picked up Bridget to begin her second leg of the journey.
 Bridget is 20 pounds, a big girl, and a bit overweight.  Sharon got a big hug from her!
 Chip met Sharon and then brought her to Rita, who helped get her to me.
 Bridget was a wonderful traveler!  She loved the ear rubs she was getting on the way.
 Rita met me at the vet and so did Sarah, Bridget's foster mom.   It was a long day for Bridget, but she was sweet all the way!
 After a thorough check up at the vet (with bloodwork, etc), Bridget was off to her foster home!
 She met her new foster sister, Roxie (a PVPC alumni) and was all smiles.
Bridget is 14, and we do not know why she was turned into the shelter.   She will need a dental and good food to help her lose some weight, but we can do all that.  Thank you to everyone who helped with her journey to a new life!!

Friday, May 26, 2017


 Baby Girl came into rescue with Furby and Rocky.   I have not posted much on Baby Girl-- also known now as BG.  The reason is because we thought her condition was pretty serious-- maybe cancer.  She also has a grade 4 heart murmur, so surgery could be "iffy."
 She has been getting amazing care in her foster home. and she saw a cardiologist to see if she could handle the surgeries she needed.  We got the go-ahead!   Her surgical procedures were yesterday.
Here she is with her friend, Domino (before the surgeries).  Baby Girl is now done with all the surgeries she needed.  She has cysts removed, mammory tumors taken out, and a large growth on her neck removed.  They were also able to repair a large hernia that her bladder was moving into/through.  Biopsies have been sent out, and we pray this little girl can heal and have a wonderful life ahead of her.   I know she will have the best foster moms to care for every need she has.   Get well soon, sweet girl!

Thursday, May 25, 2017


Do you wear sunglasses when it rains?  It does not seem to make sense.
 We have had so many rainy days. It is good sleeping weather, says Lexie.
 She put on her sunglasses, because sometimes, there is still a glare from the bright skies, even though they are pouring water on us!
 "Is it going to stop?"
Paddy hopes so.   He is white and does not want to go out and get his coat dirty in the wet grass.
 Sugar Bit put her sunglasses on.  I think she just wants to look mysterious.
Lexie said she is just hoping for sunshine-- me, too!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


 Timothy/Mugsy came into rescue in March and has been adopted!
 He was in a shelter near me and seemed like such a nice boy.
 Summer is coming, so he got a summer cut.  I bet he is much cooler!
 He is enjoying his new home.  He was timid at first, but it always take a little while to get used to a new place.
 He is checking things out.
 Small Fry, one of their other dogs, has decided he wants to be Mugsy's best friend.
I love his smile!   He is a happy boy!