Saturday, May 13, 2017


 Timothy came into rescue and is a sweet dog.  He is a little hesitant with new people, but when they give him time, he trusts easily and loves a lot.
 He has been going a lot of places with his foster parents.   OH, strawberries!!
 No, Mugsy, I don't think you can have any.
 Mugsy has his dental and nasal fold surgery this week.  (Some also call that eye fold surgery.)
 The folds below his eyes were so large they were impacting his eyes.  Over time, this can lead to scarring on the eyeball because of the constant irritation from the hair.   A lot of Pekingese can benefit from this surgery and it can save eye trouble from happening later.    The vet I use is excellent for this surgery-- you need to make sure that it is done well.  You don't want too little or too much done to that area of the face/eye.  Some vets refer you to an ophthalmologist for this.
Mugsy is on the mend, but soon he'll be back to his old self!  Minus the big folds. :-)
Here's a link to learn more:  Click here: Macropalpebral Fissure Syndrome @ Animal Eye Care

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LadyJicky said...

Kisses to Mugsy ...... it does look awful ( my Moi Moi had it) but when it heals and the fur grows in they are back to their normal Beautiful Pekingese Self!!!!! ..... minus eye probs!