Saturday, May 27, 2017


 A Maryland shelter asked if we could help with Bridget.  She was turned in by her owner.
 We had volunteers step up right away to foster and transport her a long way to her foster home.
 Alisa helped with the first step-- getting her from the shelter to Northern Virginia.
 They remembered to bring water because she was going to be thirsty.  And she was.
 Sharon picked up Bridget to begin her second leg of the journey.
 Bridget is 20 pounds, a big girl, and a bit overweight.  Sharon got a big hug from her!
 Chip met Sharon and then brought her to Rita, who helped get her to me.
 Bridget was a wonderful traveler!  She loved the ear rubs she was getting on the way.
 Rita met me at the vet and so did Sarah, Bridget's foster mom.   It was a long day for Bridget, but she was sweet all the way!
 After a thorough check up at the vet (with bloodwork, etc), Bridget was off to her foster home!
 She met her new foster sister, Roxie (a PVPC alumni) and was all smiles.
Bridget is 14, and we do not know why she was turned into the shelter.   She will need a dental and good food to help her lose some weight, but we can do all that.  Thank you to everyone who helped with her journey to a new life!!


Unknown said...

It was a joy for me to be able to help, everyone who met Bridget fell in love with her. She has the sweetest personality.

Unknown said...

How could anyone not love a sweet heart like her.

LadyJicky said...

Oh what a big beautiful girl Miss Bridget is!!!!
I am with you Teresa..... why would anyone turn her in??
I am doing my Adoption Dance for Bridget right now !!!!