Thursday, June 30, 2016


Norton is one of our special foster dogs.
 He was adopted from us several years ago, but came back because his owner had health issues and could no longer care for him.  
 Norton needs eye drops to help his eyes to be comfortable.
 But, he cannot see.  
 Norton came to us with a broken leg several years ago, but after surgery, he healed so well and is such a sweet boy.
His foster mom wrote up something about him and I want to share it here.   "“Norton is one of the most mellow Pekes I have ever fostered. He’s an older guy, maybe 10+, and now weights @15 pounds. He is blind but gets around quite well once he learns his route. He goes down my ramp wonderfully and slowly walks the back yard. He has learned how to tell if he’s close to the edge of the ramp and make the needed adjustment. He is on 3 different eye meds – drops and crème – and will be on those forever. He is very!! Cooperative when getting his eyes cared for.
 He is able to hear but has some trouble with the directional hearing. He was recently diagnosed with having a small bladder stone but is on a special diet for that. The vet is confident that the diet will help dissolve the stone. He’s very good about letting me know that he has to go out. He will walk towards the door and will give his ‘I have to go out’ whine. Then, he’ll stand there and wait for me. He’s always had a good appetite and eats well. He is on an OTC iron supplement as he was/is a bit anemic. The numbers are heading in a good direction
 As like most Pekes, he loves a good belly rub. He also loves having his ears rubbed – front and back. He also likes a soft back massage. He is, what I call, a reaction barker. If one of the other Pekes bark, usually Rudy, Norton chimes in. I do believe that he is thinking ‘ Rudy’s barking…must be something going on…I better bark, too’. Once Rudy stops, so does Norton J
Norton will be a sweet and loving companion for some lucky adopter. If you’re looking for a laid back, easy going, sweet natured Peke, Norton is your man.”
If you are interested in Norton, please email us at   Norton would do well where someone is home enough to let him out often.    He is such a sweet one-- could you give him a home?

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


 We were asked to take in Peg from a shelter in Maryland.  She came to us last week and had her dental, medical updates, and an eye fold surgery (just one!).    We've been calling her Peggy-- I like two syllable names)
 She was found in the woods, tied to a tree.  She was so matted that she could barely walk.  She was so lucky to have been found.   We see so much in rescue, but I'm always shocked at man's insensitivity to animals.
 She was shaved down-- even her tail.   There was no saving her coat, but it will grow back!
 We think she is about 8 years old and she is around 16 pounds I think.
 She came to my home to visit on her way to her temporary foster home.
 She is a happy girl!!    Look at that smile!!
 At Tracey's, she met the gang there.    Who was little new little girl??
 She settled right in, sleeping on Tracey's head at night.   This girl must have been loved and in a home at some point.
 Waiting for dinner with the rest of the gang...
 She even met Tracey's grandchild-- we will have to get a "bit" name for him, too. :-)
Welcome to rescue, Peggy!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


 Tinsel came into rescue right before Christmas 2013.   She had been bred and not cared for well.   She didn't know what a toy was.    We think she was between 3 and 5 then.
 She had skin issues but she's fine now.    She was adopted by a woman whose dog had passed away.  It was a great home-- but sadly, Tinsel's owner has had sudden onset dementia and can no longer take care of this tiny girl (under 11 1/2 pounds).   I am looking for a foster home for her.
 She is housetrained, playful, loves sleeping with you.   She is small, but has a might spirit.
These are all pictures I had from 2 1/2 years ago, but I will get new ones soon.
If you would be interested in giving this sweet girl a home, let us know!

Monday, June 27, 2016


 Pandy is just not sure where her mom went.   Pandy is my daughter's Peke mix-- adopted from us.
 Sugar Bit is fine as long as one of her people is near by.   But,her Mama left the country!
 Their newly adopted Callie is probably going to spend time at our house.   She is a Mama's girl for sure.
 My daughter wasn't happy about leaving her kids-- but she had the opportunity to teach a class at Oxford University in England and was so excited.  I wanted to go, too!!   I love it over there.   I get the Bits. :-)  I'll be busy, too!  (It's just a two week class.)
 Leo their lab will spend time in both houses (they just live across the street, so it's easy to go back and forth).
 Oxford is beautiful.  
 Molly will teach and also sightsee.   I told her to take LOTS of pictures.
 Sugar Bit will be fine.   She is used to being in both houses and all the Bits have bedrooms (and cribs) here, too.
 Poppy (Matt) will be making more fun breakfasts and Beach Bit will help.
 Kai Kai will just hang out.
 The porch will be in full use and the swing will have a lot of activity.
Sugar Bit will be into the water bowls a lot-- I'm resigned to that.  Oh well.  We'll have fun.   If you don't see me on line as much, it will be because of a LOT going on here with dogs, and Bits.   I may need help! :-)

Sunday, June 26, 2016


 Maizy came into rescue about four years ago-- and now she is celebrating her tenth birthday.   She was a little "scrawny" when she came to our rescue, but her foster mom, Dee, knew she could get her healthy.    
 Her foster mom adopted her and said Maizy gets a little more ornery every day, but they love her anyway.   (Pekes are ornery by nature haha.)    I love this smile!
 Maizy is smart-- she even sent me an email to tell me about her birthday!  Here it is:
 "Hi, everybody, it's me, Maizy, and guess what?   Today, the 26th, is my birthday.    I'm on a special diet so I can't eat a lot of things ,but mommy made me this birthday sandwich with peanut butter, my favorite food.
 I am now 10 years old. I may be getting up there but I still have a lot of life left.
 I remember when mommy first got me,  I was so scared.   My other owners had been mean to me. But my mommy and daddy only show me love. It's not always easy to trust, but I do my best.
 I think my best birthday gift was when PVPC found me and rescued me.    Happy birthday to me and thank you everybody at PVPC.

Love Maizy"

Saturday, June 25, 2016


 Kai Kai came to the annual picnic with us.  Since he needed eye drops throughout the day, he came with us.  It was a little stressful for him, but better than not getting his meds.  
 His right eye, due to the glaucoma, had no more vision.   His left eye began to get some vision back.  But, then, Kai Kai had a retina detachment.   Kai Kai's reactions-- all of them-- are not that common in eye surgery.   Why he had every rare reaction is a mystery.   But, he did, and we dealt with each one as it came.    
 We had the retina reattachment surgery done, hoping to give him some vision in his left eye.   He did really well, but then, his eye pressure began to go up.   Glaucoma.   We began the rounds of more meds, daily visits to the specialists being monitored, and hoping, hoping, hoping.  
 One evening, as I gave him his last drops of the day, I noticed redness behind the eye surface.  Oh, no.    They had said to have his pressure checked on Saturday, so in we went.   His eye had begun to hemorrhage.  
 There was nothing left to do but remove both eyes.  He was in pain, we could not stop it and it was enough.   We had done all we could.
 Once he was home, Chumley and Max watched over him, especially Max.   Max would get so excited every time Kai Kai came home.    Max has always been very independent, but he is obviously attached to Kai Kai.
 Kai Kai rested, had pain meds and began to relax.   His eye pain was leaving.
 Max guided Kai Kai around the yard, watched over him.
 We are working on helping him to use his hearing more than sight.  It takes time and I carry him up and down stairs.  He needs to be near me all the time-- that's normal.  He's always been like that.  
 We were at the ophthalmologist yesterday-- and everyone had to come see Kai Kai.  Dr. Leber and Barbara said he looked so much better-- as if his body had relaxed.   They said he could come visit again-- they became very fond of him during his 3 1/2 month season with them.   I would highly recommend them.  They went so far trying to save his sight.   Animal Eye Care Associates, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake.   People come from all over this side of the country to them.  Dr. Nadelstein is the only one who can do the retina reattachment surgery.  
Kai Kai will adjust, I will adjust.  I still sleep with a baby rail on my side of the bed so he won't fall out.  That's okay.   Kai Kai and I will walk this new journey together-- he's my boy!