Saturday, June 25, 2016


 Kai Kai came to the annual picnic with us.  Since he needed eye drops throughout the day, he came with us.  It was a little stressful for him, but better than not getting his meds.  
 His right eye, due to the glaucoma, had no more vision.   His left eye began to get some vision back.  But, then, Kai Kai had a retina detachment.   Kai Kai's reactions-- all of them-- are not that common in eye surgery.   Why he had every rare reaction is a mystery.   But, he did, and we dealt with each one as it came.    
 We had the retina reattachment surgery done, hoping to give him some vision in his left eye.   He did really well, but then, his eye pressure began to go up.   Glaucoma.   We began the rounds of more meds, daily visits to the specialists being monitored, and hoping, hoping, hoping.  
 One evening, as I gave him his last drops of the day, I noticed redness behind the eye surface.  Oh, no.    They had said to have his pressure checked on Saturday, so in we went.   His eye had begun to hemorrhage.  
 There was nothing left to do but remove both eyes.  He was in pain, we could not stop it and it was enough.   We had done all we could.
 Once he was home, Chumley and Max watched over him, especially Max.   Max would get so excited every time Kai Kai came home.    Max has always been very independent, but he is obviously attached to Kai Kai.
 Kai Kai rested, had pain meds and began to relax.   His eye pain was leaving.
 Max guided Kai Kai around the yard, watched over him.
 We are working on helping him to use his hearing more than sight.  It takes time and I carry him up and down stairs.  He needs to be near me all the time-- that's normal.  He's always been like that.  
 We were at the ophthalmologist yesterday-- and everyone had to come see Kai Kai.  Dr. Leber and Barbara said he looked so much better-- as if his body had relaxed.   They said he could come visit again-- they became very fond of him during his 3 1/2 month season with them.   I would highly recommend them.  They went so far trying to save his sight.   Animal Eye Care Associates, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake.   People come from all over this side of the country to them.  Dr. Nadelstein is the only one who can do the retina reattachment surgery.  
Kai Kai will adjust, I will adjust.  I still sleep with a baby rail on my side of the bed so he won't fall out.  That's okay.   Kai Kai and I will walk this new journey together-- he's my boy!


LadyJicky said...

We love you brave Kai Kai and I know Linda and Max will take fine care of you :)
Big Kisses from his girlfriends in Oz

Melinda and Coco ..... Pekingese Kisses coming now .... XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Lost Earring said...

My first inclination was to cry for Kai Kai but reading the entire story told me something else that I should do and that is to admire him and you for taking every step you took in your efforts to save his vision and when those steps failed then you and Kai Kai along with your Max took over and made Kai Kai's life bearable and pain free.

That took some doing and bless you all for caring for this poor little guy who had a very bad break in life but persevered and has a life despite not having vision. I pray his hearing sharpens but something tells me that you and he are going to do just fine.

Thank you.