Wednesday, June 29, 2016


 We were asked to take in Peg from a shelter in Maryland.  She came to us last week and had her dental, medical updates, and an eye fold surgery (just one!).    We've been calling her Peggy-- I like two syllable names)
 She was found in the woods, tied to a tree.  She was so matted that she could barely walk.  She was so lucky to have been found.   We see so much in rescue, but I'm always shocked at man's insensitivity to animals.
 She was shaved down-- even her tail.   There was no saving her coat, but it will grow back!
 We think she is about 8 years old and she is around 16 pounds I think.
 She came to my home to visit on her way to her temporary foster home.
 She is a happy girl!!    Look at that smile!!
 At Tracey's, she met the gang there.    Who was little new little girl??
 She settled right in, sleeping on Tracey's head at night.   This girl must have been loved and in a home at some point.
 Waiting for dinner with the rest of the gang...
 She even met Tracey's grandchild-- we will have to get a "bit" name for him, too. :-)
Welcome to rescue, Peggy!!

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LadyJicky said...

Tied to a tree. OMG .

May Karma get that person who did that!

I am so glad Peggy is with your rescue and she will be loved and found a new and caring home. I am doing my Adoption Dance for sweet Peg!