Friday, June 10, 2016


 I was asked by a shelter near me if we would take Midnight into our rescue.   He had skin issues and had low chances of adoption.     He wasn't a full Peke, but so sweet.   I wanted to help (we all do when we are asked).
 Roger and Lucinda offered to donate all the medical needs for Midnight-- his neuter, vaccines, a dental....   WOW!   So, like in many other cases where PVPC has acted as a transfer "agent" we pulled Midnight.
 He went to Roanoke and had all the medical care and love they could give him.  
 He was wonderful with all their dogs and on Wednesday, he came back my way to go to a new home.
 Roger and Lucinda were sad to see him go, but it was time.
 Susan (my friend and helper in rescue here in this area), was there to give special treats to her new neighbor-- Midnight will live right next door to her.
 Midnight had new everything!  Bowls, beds, toys....
 He settled right in!
 "Wow, all this is mine?"
 He just loves his bed!
 Of course, there were a few toys in it!
 His new mom adores him!!   And Midnight has a home!
Sometimes, PVPC can't take a dog into our rescue, but we can help and that's what we do.   Look at this sweet boy.   Thank you PVPC for helping-- and thank you to Roger and Lucinda.  You are the best!


LadyJicky said...

I just love a black peke and Midnight is a beauty.
I am so glad he found a wonderful home !!!

Doris Sturm said...

I love success stories and I appreciate and thank God for people like you who will go out of their way and open their hearts (and pocketbooks) to help these beautiful creatures who rely solely on us to help them :-) Thank you! :-)

Toni Davis said...

Oh my! This story is a wonderful rescue story! What a happy ending. This so made my day!