Monday, April 30, 2018


 Midnight came to rescue five years ago.  Oh, his face. I fell in love.
 He was the cutest thing-- and the smile!   A heart stealer.
 He was adopted quickly and his family is wonderful.   His dad always encourages with his comments on the blogs I do and the posts on our foster dogs. 
 Midnight has Peke friends, and love is all around.
 He lounges in the house and loves to be up high.  Pekes and high places-- why is that? :-)
He began his life afresh when he came to rescue -- and I'm so glad to see updates on him.   It just makes my day to see happy lives that have come from their beginning with our group.  ❤️

Sunday, April 29, 2018


Binks has been in foster care for a short time, but it didn't take long to realize this is one super sweet boy.   He does have some heart enlargement, but he just lives life as it comes, loving the attention he is receiving.   If you love the senior dogs like I do, please give this boy a home.   You won't be sorry!  (p.s. Dogs with heart issues can live for years-- just ask Floyd!)   Email me at    Binks says HAPPY SUNDAY!

Saturday, April 28, 2018


 Abner was my puppy foster dog in 2013.   He came to me as a six month old with eye issues.
 He had several surgeries at the specialist and then..
 He was adopted to Mary and Chris.  We met at the picnic and they took this sweet boy home.
 He joined Lily and Brody.
 His mom adores him!! 
 She decided that Abner was such a wonderful boy that he should be a therapy dog.
 He does a magnificent job of encouraging people in hospitals.  He also goes to the airport to soothe nervous people.  They love him!
 Abner hurt his back.
 And now he is the patient.  Can one of the therapy dogs visit him? :-) 
Get well sweet boy.  You are loved by so many and we are all cheering you on!

Friday, April 27, 2018


 Barack belonged to my favorite vet techs, Bettina. 
 Barack had so many medical issues, but his mom wasn't afraid of them-- and she brought this sweet boy into her family in 2010.
 At first, he could be a bit "boisterous" when others were around.
 But, his mom took him to therapy dog school and that's what he became!
 He had physical challenges all his life, but it did not get in his way.
 He guarded the chicken.
 He laughed at his mom. 
 He dressed up for Halloween.
 At Christmas, he joined the photo shoot at the clinic.  (He even let me hold him.)
 He was so smart.
 He gave joy to so many.
 Barack was such a special boy.
 He wasn't afraid of anything-- and he was great at the farm with the horses.
 He just trotted along behind his mom like a big dog.
 He cracked me up when it snowed. 
 Peeking out of the hole-- his mom had so much fun with him.
 She will miss her sweet boy.
Run free now little man.  ❤️


 I've had Pekingese most of my life.  And what are they good for?  Dishes!   LOL
 Or just being cute like little Floyd.   He's an old boy and sleeps a lot, but when he's awake, he follows me all over.
 And then there's Sugar Bit-- and her faithful followers, Nala and BeeBee.
 She goes up the stairs -- They go up the stairs.
 She goes down the stairs--- wait, wait...
 And down they go.
 Nala is especially devoted to Sugar Bit.
 She will follow Sugar Bit all over.
 And Sugar Bit loves it.  Sugar Bit calls me in the morning to facetime with Nala.  😊
 Sugar Bit, like all the Bits, have been raised with dogs and have been around so many of my foster dogs.   
 They have learned to be gentle and caring. 
 Sugar Bit knows Kai Kai can't see, and she knows he needs special love, which she is happy to give.
 Kai Kai has hit a plateau in healing from his stroke.  We don't know if he will get any better, but he is still happy, and his tail wags like crazy when he is picked up. 
 The Sisters, Nala and BeeBee, are so good with him.
 And all of them love Sugar Bit.  It's like a little club.
Children and Pekes-- it can be a wonderful experience.  One of love, and friendship.  ❤️