Tuesday, April 10, 2018


 Sunny came into rescue last September and she was in really rough shape.   We had helped her mom once, and I wish we had been able to take her into rescue then.   Her mom had worked with a lot of rescues for help, and then would space out the medications to make them last longer.   This "sounds okay" but it's detrimental.  First, you get meds into a dog on a random basis and they can stopping working later.  Second, random medications will not solve a problem-- like eye meds given every few days instead of daily.  No.   The owner did love her and was doing what she thought would help.
 Dale went to pick up Sunny when the owner realized she could no longer care for her.   Dale already had Ginger and she wasn't sure how Ginger would do, but the girls get along great.   They look like siblings.   Look at those sweet faces!
 Sunny and Ginger came to the meeting.   Sunny walked around and she has no front leg "elbows"-- it's just mush.   So, she has trouble walking, but is on meds for pain.    She was only 8 1/2 pounds when we got her but she has gained over two pounds. 
 She had to have emergency eye surgery the day we got her.  Dr. Blair in Richmond, VA was fabulous!
 Ginger sat and watched us all.
 She was a PVPC alumni and has a lot of Starlight in her lol.  She chooses who she likes and who she doesn't like.  Such a Starlight thing!
Sunny is not leaving her foster mom-- she has adopted her and she will be cherished the rest of her life.   I'm so glad Dale went to get her for us.  It was the day Sunny's life began.

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LadyJicky said...

I am so happy Sunny is in Dale's family.
Medication can be very expensive but to sort of "drag them out" is false economy .. you end up wasting the $$ and it does nothing!