Thursday, February 28, 2013


 Hollyberry was able to take her e-collar off after 13 days.   She had the second tumor surgery and we are so grateful that her biopsy said NO CANCER.     Here she is all curled up without the e-collar.   I'm sure it was like taking a lot of weight off.    Plus, she can see now!
 She managed to get around her regular e-collar, and could lick the staples she had-- so she had to go to a huge e-collar.    If they just knew those e-collars are for their protection.  She took her meds so well with peanut butter and she never complained!     She wore her e-collar like a crown.   What a girl!  
She gets her staples out today and hopefully, will have no more problems.   Her mom sure does love her and says she is such a sweet baby.    I'm so glad Hollyberry has such a wonderful mom now.


Today is Beth's birthday.   She is one of our foster moms.    She has adopted four of our Pekes-- two are "foster failures" and are sure glad they failed!   They are fostering Teddy and we hope we can find him a home as wonderful as theirs!    Happy Birthday, Beth!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


 We found out that Rosie, the 16 year old Yorkie, was at a local shelter.  They asked for help.  She's not a Peke, but it doesn't mean we can't put her on our facebook and see what we can do.
 Well, one of our adopters (Tracey adopted two Pekes from us) saw the posting and decided she could give this senior girl a home.    
 She picked her up and Rosie came home to hugs from her human sister, Amanda.   Rosie met the gang...
 had some dinner (chicken, yum).   She only has two teeth and one isn't great. But, she loved her meal and did just fine.
 She met the pack.    Who is that, Colby?  
 They followed her around-- she's so small at five pounds, they weren't sure what she was.
 She enjoyed being outside and just meandering around the yard with her new family.
 And she got a "dog greeting." :-)
 And then, they all headed inside for rest.
 Macey, the queen, isn't too sure about this new addition.  Don't worry, Macey, you are still the boss.
 Pollyanna is a sweet one (adopted from us after she healed from severe burns on her back) and she is ready for a new family member to love.
 Riley and Oliver are fine, too.   They'll find a place to watch her.  
And Rosie will curl up and go to sleep and be so happy she has a new family-- all Pekes and people!    She is a loved little girl.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Look at these little ones.   They live in Egypt!     I see a pink harness on one of them.   I'm so glad to see that they have  harnesses on!  Protects those little necks.
I never thought of there being an animal shelter in Egypt.   I don't know why-- I just didn't think of it.   I want you to meet Weezo, who is about 5 years old.  She was adopted by a friend's daughter in Egypt.  Weezo was in the animal shelter there, but now she has a home! 
 Weezo is a beautiful black Doberman.   (Kay and Claretta will love that she has been adopted!)
 She is very sweet and loves having a new mom.
These Pekes were all at the vet-- and Weezo was terrified of them.   Pekes are scary!! :-)


There is a problem with this blog site, so until it's fixed, there won't be a blog. :-(

Monday, February 25, 2013


This is a great article!


 Abner, the puppy, LOVES other dogs.    They were watching me through the baby gate as I cleaned up the laundry room.    They really wanted to help, but mopping a floor with Pekes helping is not good.  
 Abner saw the opthalmologist again on Thursday and she said to keep his eye safe, he had to be separate from the other dogs.  Poor baby!   I gave him a piddle pad, toys galore, beds... but he's rather have a Peke in there with him.
 Piper keeps him company at the gate.   LET ME IN!
 Can you let him out?   No?  
 Okay, I'll just hang out with the others.    This couch looks good.
And curling up with Kai Kai is even better.    Pretty soon, Abner will be able to  play when his eye stitches come out.  I know he'll be excited!

Sunday, February 24, 2013


You know you're tired when your husband comes in to take your picture and all he sees is you and your dog curled up in bed!  That's Kai Kai, my loyal buddy, taking a nap this afternoon (something I rarely do).    I didn't know he was under the covers too! haha


 Lisa and her husband, Andy, adopted two Pekes from us when they lived in Virginia.    They  moved to California and we call them "the Hollywood Pekes."     Above is Daisy, a foster, waiting for her turn to be brushed.   I see a food bowl there- are you sure she isn't waiting for a treat.. :-)
 Andy enjoys rescue as much as Lisa-- you can tell!    Having a husband/friend involved with you in rescue is great.    If they don't support you, it's a tough job to do!  (Jeanne and I have wonderful husbands.)
 I have lots of pictures of Andy-- that's because Lisa is taking the pictures!
 Some dogs are just terrified in the shelter and one of Lisa's fosters bit her because she was so scared.   Lisa said the dog was fine once she got home.   I think most of us have been bit a time or two.     Spike above, was pretty good-- he knew Andy was there to save him.
 Little Jessica reminds me of my Cranberry--what a pretty girl!
 Lisa teaches college and still has time for rescue and for gardening.    (My goal is do rehab my yard this spring-- the dogs and the rain have done a job on it!)
 Lisa's front yard is like a cottage garden.     (Jeanne's gardens have been on my blog many times, so I know she's enjoying seeing Lisa's garden.)
 Lisa's fosters watch dad go to get some food-- Let's see, how many are there?
 Lisa has fostered puppies, too.  Look at this cute one!   She said, "I don't have any trouble giving up the puppies, as much as I love them. I know they can get great homes as we do home visits and the like. I have trouble giving up the young abused/neglected ones that I've taught to trust people again. I sooooooo don't want them ever to have to go through anything bad again, and if I keep them all, then that won't happen."  I understand how she feels!   Those that come to us injured emotionally are harder to give up.  But, when we do, we can foster another.
 Andy is getting a lot of love here.
Tyler (above) and Maxwell know that sharing their mom and dad means another one is saved, just like they were.    I'm so glad Lisa and Andy do this "work" also.    If you're in the California area and want to adopt, just let me know and I'll put you in touch with her.

Saturday, February 23, 2013


 Hollyberry came into rescue in December and was in pretty rough shape.     She had extensive surgery for mammory tumors.   Her  "insides" were in bad shape.  
 Her biopsy results showed that she had cancer, but the margins were clear and we hoped for the best!
 This month, however, some tumors began to return, so the vet checked her out again-- she had to have more surgery.     This little girl is very loved and we wanted to do all we could for her.  The vet said we had no option but to do another surgery.  
 We did the surgery, and again, she had staples from one end to the other. I felt so bad for her!  
This time, though, the biopsy showed NO CANCER!!   They were just growths, but not dangerous.   She is with her new mom now and she will make sure she is checked regularly.   Her new mom loves her so much and so does her mom's friend, Karen (who takes care of Hollyberry when her mom is out of town).    This little girl will have a wonderful life now!   Thank you to all of you who help us so that we can take care of these little ones in our care.    Hollyberry thanks you, too!

Friday, February 22, 2013


 Look at this little two year old.   A shelter in Maryland asked us to help him-- he is terrified at the shelter.  
 He was turned in by his owner and she said he was crated most of the time.   Poor guy!   Crating has its good uses, but to crate a dog most of the time is just cruel.  
 One of our volunteers went to see him.   She said he loves his ball!  
 He has an old injury in one of his eyes, so we'll have that checked out.  The owner said it was injured "by an intruder."   Really?     Don't think she had him treated-- he was unneutered and had no medical records.....
He was picked up on Thursday by a volunteer and we'll begin the Pekingese transport on Sat. to get him to Virginia Beach and a fsoter home here.    Thank you all who are helping!    Chris, Jeanne and I will transport, and Kim will foster.  THANK YOU ALL!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013


 My name is Crosby and I've been in rescue for a bit.   I wish I could tell you what I went through in my previous life, but I can't.   I have beautiful brown eyes and a coat that my foster mom says is the color of fine French champagne.  I weigh 17 pounds and am  2-3 years old.  
 Once I get to know you, I am a sweet and affectionate dog.   I'm great with my two foster brothers (Pekes) but it does take me time to trust new people and new situations.   I sometimes wear a citronella collar on walks because I'm afraid big dogs will hurt me and I bark at them.   I love my foster family, so I know I have a lot of love to give a forever family.  
I enjoy romping in the back yard with my foster brothers and hanging out with my foster family on the couch.    If you would be interested in me, just fill out an application. :-)   I'm waiting for you!