Wednesday, February 13, 2013


 Piper  must have seen Starlight in the little wagon because he decided to see if it would fit him.    It did.   It was a little tight, but he managed to get in.    Piper is 2-3 years old, but very inquisitive and fun.  He acts like a puppy
 He must have wanted to eat at the table, because he jumped up on the chair.
 Ready for a  meal!
 He is such a good sport-- we put him in one of Beach Bit's swings on the deck.    I thought he'd make a fuss-- but no, he just sat there.  I guess he wanted me to push him.
Is there something else I can get into?
Oh, reusable grocery bags.    Let me climb in this.
I think I'm stuck.
I'll just chew my way out.    
And outside again-- I LOVE being outside. I love sitting at the fence and looking at the creek, climbing into pots, wandering in the bushes and under the deck.  
Oh, yes, I love to look for moles.   I haven't found one yet, but  life is good!

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lady jicky said...

That boy loves to get into some cute spots!