Tuesday, January 31, 2012


This precious little one belonged to Sara, a friend of Jeanne's. Livi's mom works at the vet we use in Richmond -- so she knows all our foster dogs in that area. Livi was a Norfolk Terrier and she had been battling several chronic illnesses. She was 9 years old and so loved by her Mom, Dad and doggie sister. Rest in peace, sweet Livi.


Portia came into rescue last spring and was fostered in Toni's home. She loved Portia and Portia loved her.

She was adopted by a family whose previous dog looked a lot like Portia-- and they wanted her to join their family. I think Portia is very relaxed there and is so glad they adopted her.

Yes, I am sure she is.

Monday, January 30, 2012


Tracey came into rescue almost a year ago. She was about 8-9 years old and was found next to her owners who had been shot. What a horrific thing to go through.

She went to Debbie's for fostering, but she was quickly adopted by her foster mom who just fell in love with her. I can't blame her.

She feels safe at Debbie's and you can tell she is very relaxed.

She had her teeth cleaned and was updated medically and feels so much bettter. Is that a grin I see there? :-)

It's stories like Tracey's that make me glad I'm part of this rescue-- one that has a huge heart to help these little ones. I bet Tracey is glad, too!


I have a grandson who we call "Drill Bit." He's two years old now. My Drill Bit lives with two Pekingese that are so good with him. But, this isn't my Drill Bit-- it's Darby's! Darby belongs to Amee in Richmond, and Darby is a lot like my Starlight-- a little pistol of a Peke. But, Darby LOVES her Drill Bit.

Darby's Drill Bit went to see Santa-- and I'm sure Darby wished she could be there.

Her Drill Bit is so cute! Darby, you are supposed to be in this picture. I'm sure you are around somewhere.

Oh, there you are. My Starlight is not that good with toddlers, but you seem to be fine. I know your Drill Bit throws blocks and builds things in your bed, but you still think he's the best thing in your life. Good girl!! Can I send Starlight up for some lessons. She doesn't like toddlers who are in the "whack and grab" stage.

Darby, give your Drill Bit a lick for the Pekes here. I hope your good attitude will rub off on them.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Look who's new to rescue! Meet Angel, a young black female Peke. More information to come. I think she's happy to be out of the shelter!


Dog baths are not high on the list of favorite activities for Pekes. And it makes them look funny. Lottie above is not happy to be all wet.

And her brother/friend Wicket looks so forlorn. It's not that bad, really!

JoJo was one of my foster-- I love this picture. He looks so happy here, but.......

Not here! Poor JoJo. It's not that bad. I don't think I can convince him though.

Marcellus after his bath is worn out. He's all dry and fluffy, but ready for a nap. If you have funny bath pictures, send them on!

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Zeke came to visit last week. He was adopted by his foster mom. Sometimes, when they stay too long, we foster moms just can't let them go. I don't get why some aren't adopted-- they are SO Sweet and are wonderful Pekes. But, not being able to see them in person is a problem. I just don't know how to get a Peke on line "touchable." If you can figure it out, let me know. :-)

Scooter loves to have visitors and he was more than happy to play with Zeke. He "talked" to him and Tiffany with his "growly sounds."

Here I come, Zeke!

Let's play!

Oh, Zeke you are so cute! Click here: zekescooter - YouTube

Friday, January 27, 2012


This is Zoey -- she was in a shelter that operated on a very limited budget, but they cared! They got in this little girl, not even two years old. She needed medical attention and no one would adopt her without it. Could we help?

Zoey is a sweetheart. We had surgery done on her and she had to be confined for 3-4 weeks. She loves to jump and this would have undone her surgery. It's hard to keep a good dog down. :-)

She loves all her foster playmates, and did great with her surgery. Here she is with Daisy, her foster mom's dog.

Zoey liked to curl up with Abigail also-- Abigail is a tiny thing!

"Are you talking about me?"

She doesn't have a mean bone in her body. She plays 24-7,and will roll and run and chase her foster playmate.

She is so dog gone sweet, her foster mom says. And she wants to be near you, a very affectionate girl.

We received an application and I thought Zoey would be perfect for the applicant. They met her and she now lives in Roanoke, VA. She's the perfect dog for her new doggy sibling and for her family. She has a playmate and when her "grandkids" come over, she adores them, too. I love it-- a perfect fit for a great home!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Emmie has come a long way from the scared, timid girl we got from the shelter.

This is what she looked like then-- she was so timid, the shelter would not put her on the adoption floor and would have euthanized her. She didn't have a chance except for rescue. We took her!

Emmie has a new baby brother! If any dog will be good with a baby, it's Emmie. She is the sweetest dog. I know she and her new brother are going to be wonderful friends. She'll just have to wait a bit for him to get bigger.

She has a new modified puppy cut. She has her first grooming session where she was trimmed up a bit and she looks adorable! I bet she gives this sweet smile to her new baby every day.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Kelly/Katie Bear's foster mom/adoptive mom died on Sunday. She had fostered (and then adopted) Kelly/Katie Bear and turned her life around to be the beautiful little Peke she is now. Please pray for Flo's family during this time.


Pearl and Jules came into rescue and were adopted pretty quickly. That's unusual when we have a pair, but these two were so lucky.

Pearl surveys her new yard and approves.

They both love to play out there. Being together is just the best!

Jules takes a break to rest during their play session. I'm sure she didn't stay there long!

Going for a walk with their new sweaters is wonderful-- Pearl you are going the wrong way. Come back!

Then, it's back inside-- time for pictures!

Jules would just like to curl up on the couch. Her nickname is Julie and Pearl is Pearlie-- their mom said it just rolls off the tongue that way. I know how that goes-- mine all have nick names.

Curling up with mom is the best though. (My dogs know about this, too. As I'm doing this blog, Kai Kai has his head resting on the computer. I think he's proof-reading.) :-)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Yo-Yo and Bear-Bear belong to Stephanie. Yo-Yo was adopted when he was about 7 years old, which would make him 15 years old now. His mom is hoping that is wrong and that he's younger.

This is Yo-Yo when she first got him. He had been shaved down and you can tell he needed a lot of love and care-- he got it with Stephanie. He was a sad dog before he was adopted, but he and Stephanie bonded in a very special way.

Bear-Bear is her one-eyed Peke-- this is so common with Pekes. I have a few here. (They have no nose to protect their eyes after all.) Bear-Bear has disc problems and was on the continuous cycle of steroids and strict rest. His mom took him to a different vet who performs laser therapy and Bear-Bear is doing so much better.
In the spring time Yo-Yo had some scary seizures (I have three here with seizure disorder and it can be daunting at first) and after running all kinds of tests, it showed he may have Cushings disease. He is doing better now, but at approx age 15, he is having some weakness in his hind legs. But, no seizures and no sign of pain. He’s still a very happy boy.

Here she is with Yo-Yo. He has lost most of his hearing, and is showing signs of getting older, but he still has "puppy moments"-- you are familiar with those. I call them aerobic moments here. We hope Yo-Yo and Bear-Bear have much more time with their mom. They are truly loved there.